In a world of reboots, particularly 90s residential or commercial properties, Daria is among those residential or commercial properties that has actually gotten on and off the rack. However according to Range, it appears like the spinoff is lastly occurring. The spinoff, just entitled Jodie, will be an animated movie focusing around Daria’s buddy and previous schoolmate.

In the initial Daria series, Jodie was a persisting character. Unlike most of the other trainees at Lawndale High, Jodie was a fellow intellectual and among the only other kids that comprehended Daria’s funny bone. Her moms and dads aimed to have her be an achiever, so she was required to be a member of several clubs in order to bulk up her college applications. Being among the only black trainees, she was likewise used as a voice for black concerns and hence was likewise seen doing volunteer work and extracurricular courses. Grace Edwards, executive manufacturer and writer of Jodie, consulted with the Huffington Post about her enjoyment to deal with the character.


“It was a joy because I grew up with Daria. I remember watching it on MTV and feeling very seen by it. I was a nerdy girl, and I really felt like Daria and Jane were representative of those of us who felt unseen. Like Jodie, I went to primarily white schools growing up, so I related so much to having to feel like you really can’t fully be yourself. Every time I would see Jodie, I would sit up straighter and I’d always want more. I felt like there wasn’t enough of her.”

Jodie will bring the girl back, now finishing from college and triggering as an intern for the tech company, Firstfinity. Jodie herself, voiced by Jessica Cyndee Jackson in Daria, will now be voiced by Tracy Ellis Ross (Black-ish). Signing up with Ross will be Cole Escola (Tuca & Bertie) as Ryan, Pamela Adlon (King of the Hill) as Jocelyn Light, William Jackson Harper (The Great Place) as Mack, Jojo T. Gibbs (Great Difficulty) as Tiffany, Alex Moffat (Ralph Breaks the Web) as Barry, Zosia Mamet (The Flight Attendant) as Greta, Dermot Mulroney (Outrageous) as Lionel, Kofi Siriboe (Queen Sugar) as Raymond, Kal Penn (Home) as Sandeep, Dulcé Sloan (The Terrific North) as Cas, and Helene Yorke (The Other 2) as Nia. Completing the cast will be Arden Myrin (Pressing), who will be playing the bubbly Brittany Taylor, the extremely exact same one from Lawndale High.

From High School to the Real Life

Grace Edwards is credited with composing Jodie together with executive producing with Ellis Ross and Ashley Kohler of Awesome Inc. MTV Home entertainment Studios will be producing the movie. According to Edwards, the movie will concentrate on a significant juncture with the character, a style that is all too acquainted with previous ‘gifted’ trainees.

“We’re gonna see Jodie Landon, who used to be the perfect Black teen, come to a whole other environment and realize that she was the big fish in the small pond. And now she’s a small fish in the ocean. It’s about her just growing into being an adult in a different environment than Lawndale where we get to see the 360 degree, full, three-dimensional character.”

Presently there is no news where the movie will precisely premiere within the different worlds of Paramount, however possibilities are high that it will be a Paramount+ function. The streaming service has actually considering that discovered success in animation with the 2 South Park specials that focused around the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ll simply need to wait and see.