A 1980s scary icon has actually made his method unto this season of Complete Stranger Things. Robert Englund, understood for his function as charming boogeyman Freddy Krueger on Headache on Elm Street, looks like Victor Creel, a man blamed for the 1950s murders of his child and better half. Creel is determined that a devil is to blame for the murders and is sent out to reside in an asylum. Throughout an examination, Nancy (Natalia Dyer) and Robin (Maya Hawke) reach Creel and, eventually, discover him in a gruesome circumstance.

In an interview with IGN, Complete Stranger Things creator, writer and director Matt Duffer exposed that Englund approached him and sibling Ross with the concept for a visitor function:


“The fact that he came to us in a season that’s so deeply inspired by the Nightmare series and by his performance especially in those movies, it felt like fate. It felt like, ‘okay, this is meant to be.'”

Complete Stranger Things executive manufacturer Shawn Levy directs the 3rd and 4th episode of each season of Complete Stranger Things. Creel appears in episode 4, so Levy worked carefully with Englund. In an interview with ET, Levy points out The Silence of the Lambs as the primary motivation behind a crucial interrogation scene in between Nancy, Robin and Creel, however likewise makes reference of an homage to Krueger’s metal-clawed glove:

“There’s a closeup of [Creel] scratching his fingernails on the desk in his cell. It’s implied that he’s done it for so long that the linoleum desktop is worn away by the scrape of his fingertip.”

Program developers have actually formerly compared Complete Stranger Things bad guy Vecna to Krueger, too. Vecna, who lives in what the Hawkins teenagers call the Benefit Down, has the capability to assault his victims through mind power, trapping them in horrible states. Throughout the series, there have actually been other noteworthy recommendations to Headache on Elm Street, consisting of an entertainment of Freddy’s face pressing through a wall, and Nancy, played by Natalie Dyer, sharing the name and comparable character qualities to Headache on Elm Street‘s own Nancy (played by Heather Langenkamp).