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Chainsaw Man: Fanart brings Kobeni and Power as two amazing students

One of the anime that caused a sensation and is still on everyone’s lips is Chainsaw Man, which caught the attention of many fans for its incredible story and somewhat strange characters, but nothing out of the ordinary, especially a team made up of various beings.

Within the Department of Public Security, a special squad was formed with expert devil hunters, possessed and humans who can transform into demons, but each one has their own special ability, but now they must go on a mission.

Power and Kobeni the best friends of Chainsaw Man

Through Instagram, the user Coal_owl shared an incredible image of both Chainsaw Man characters , who must complete a difficult mission or so we think, but it could be a different version of them.

Power has a somewhat rebellious personality and doesn’t like being told what to do, while Kobeni is a bit more reserved and is always scared.

As you can see, the style of both was respected, in the case of Power, her blonde hair and the horns that protrude from her head, while she has a two-tailed hairstyle, and Kobeni , because she is Kobeni.

Meanwhile, they put aside the SP costume and now wear a school uniform , which consists of a gray skirt with a white shirt and a red bow, because it seems that a demon must be caught.

Seeing them together is certainly a bit of an odd combination, but we know that at some point it can work, especially since Kobeni has hidden abilities that remain to be discovered.

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