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Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel’s MCU Team-Up Won’t Be What You Expect

The ending of Ms. Marvel establishes Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) conference Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani) but their team-up in The Marvels likely won’t be smooth sailing as audiences might anticipate. In the epilogue of Ms. Marvel’s ending, “No Normal,” Kamala was mysteriously sent out through her room wardrobe door as well as disappeared. An exceptionally confused Carol arised from Kamala’s wardrobe in her place and also fled the area in distress after seeing all of the young adult’s Captain Marvel posters and also art work on her walls. It’s a clear signal that when Captain Marvel and also Ms. Marvel meet, they could not manage in addition to Kamala would certainly hope.

Carol looks to be in her early 30s (Brie Larson is 32 years old), Captain Marvel is actually one of the older superheroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. When Danvers returned to Earth and met Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) in Captain Marvel, it was 1995. Carol is approximated to have actually been birthed around 1967 so by Ms. Marvel’s springtime 2025 duration, Captain Marvel is around 58 years old.

Certainly, Kamala Khan hero venerates Carol Danvers and models herself after Captain Marvel, but the old adage of “never meet your heroes” might apply. Ms. Marvel is one of the youngest heroes in the MCU; Kamala is idealistic, family-oriented, and also pure-hearted. The fact of Captain Marvel may show to be a squashing dissatisfaction to Kamala when they team up in The Marvels, at least.

Carol Danvers & Kamala Khan’s Differences Can Make The Marvels Better

Ms. Marvel’s epilogue actually sets up an appealing dynamic for The Marvels to check out. The actual reality that Captain Marvel is an intergalactic Avenger who conserves the galaxy is what will alienate Carol from Kamala. Upon discovering her origins, Ms. Marvel has found she is linked to mysterious parts of the greater MCU, including the fact that Kamala may well be a mutant.

Ms. Marvel’s bangle might be connected, but then there’s also the potential for The Marvels to fully open the door to the X-Men and mutants in the MCU. All of those big ideas aside, the core of The Marvels will be how Carol Danvers and Kamala Khan interact and relate to each other, and their team-up could prove to be challenging for both heroes who call themselves Marvels.

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