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Can’t the department be dissolved? Minister resigns – Shri

Actress Sreeya Ramesh’s Facebook post is the talk of the town following the death of a student following food poisoning from Shawarma. The actress says that the real villain is not Shawarma but a system that does not prevent adulteration. The actress also shared another post which she shared, pointing out that shawarma is made in Kerala under unhygienic conditions. Shouldn’t the inefficient Kerala Food Security Department be disbanded when such news is repeated? Sreeya also asks the minister to resign.

Sreeya’s post

The real villain is not the shower but the system that prevents contamination

Shouldn’t the ineffective Kerala Food Safety Department be disbanded when the news of some dying after eating shawarma and many more causing food poisoning is repeated? And with the resignation of the Minister? I have to ask. It has been a long time since news started coming in our country that some people who ate shawarma are dying and many people are suffering from food poisoning. This is due to the negligence of the officials of the concerned department and the shortcomings in the rules. The possibility of bribery and bribery for firearms and irregularities cannot be ruled out. If the concerned minister has any control over his department then at least put an end to it. Only by enforcing licenses to sell food items and by strictly inspecting shops and imposing fines on offenders can people boldly consume foods, including shawarma, without fear of death.

Establish labs with modern facilities in each district to detect adulteration of food items. It is a country that spends crores to build many statues and monuments in the name of great people. If such labs are named after greats, the general public will benefit more. There are a lot of uneducated people in our country who have no benefit in high salaries and at the same time why are there no appointments to control food poisoning and food adulteration which poses a great threat to human life? Maybe because of the need for someone with an educational qualification?

There are many shawarma shops in the Gulf where a lot of people eat shawarma. But have you noticed why the news of food poisoning and death does not come from there? The rules there are strict as well as the relevant department is conducting a thorough inspection. Violators will be fined heavily. The shops’ licenses will be revoked. Even if the common people lodge a complaint, action will be taken.

Strict intervention is still required in the field of catering. Licenses should be made mandatory for all food supply shops and shops operating under unhygienic conditions should be closed. Similarly, the inspection for adulteration of fish should be tightened.

The public should launch a campaign to make changes to prevent the ill effects of adulteration on our family members, both directly and indirectly. Replace narrow religious and political interests and see it as the common interest of society. Do not mix magic and religion in shawarma and wrappers.

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