Something that has actually ended up being type of a routine for Léa Seydoux is Cannes Movie Celebration, other than for in 2015, when a favorable COVID test avoided her from participating in despite the fact that she had 3 movies in competitors. This year she’s back, having actually starred in 2 favored movies, David Cronenberg’s Criminal Offenses of the Future and Mia Hansen-Løve’s One Great Early Morning. Besides that, Seydoux likewise participated in a 75th-anniversary occasion for the celebration.

Something that Seydoux has actually gotten utilized to is needing to handle numerous various movie worlds. While dealing with the tender brother or sister drama Sis, she was recalled for reshoots on Objective: Impossible-Ghost Procedure. Years later on, the 2 movies that she had at Cannes provided an even weirder challenge. Seydoux was midway through playing a delicate single mom when One Great Early Morning took a short break and she began playing a futuristic efficiency artist who carries out surgical treatment onstage in Criminal Offenses of the Future.


“That was crazy,” she stated throughout an interview with IndieWire. “However it’s likewise why I like this task. You need to adjust yourself all the time.”

Likewise, while at Cannes, the complex tradition of Blue is the Hottest Color, which some have actually slammed for its graphic sex scenes, continued to appear in discussion. Seydoux stated she was fine with that. She didn’t have a problem with the movie’s vision however with director Abdellatif Kechiche’s strategy.

“He was more than tough and manipulative. I think he could’ve made the same film but with respect. I think that the movie is really respectful, and I’m fine with the sex scenes, and I do love sex scenes in cinema. Sex is part of life. It’s not a bad word. I’m offended by violence, not sex.”

What enters into choosing a movie?

Seydoux stated that she was director-oriented when figuring out the deals she would get for functions. For example, dealing with Mia Hansen-Løve, among France’s most well-known, rising directors, wasn’t a tough choice to make. Upon getting the script, Seydoux stated she discovered a simple method into the character, who establishes a relationship with a family man while likewise looking after her passing away dad.

“I liked the parallel between desire and death with her father’s disease — it was very interesting to have those two very strong experiences happening at the same time. She’s a very normal woman. She’s like not a fantasy or an object of desire. She has a job, she’s a mother, and we feel that she’s struggling in life. I was very touched by that and felt that I could bring a certain level of emotion.”

Seydoux isn’t prevented from hit chances either. In 2015 she was cast in a pre-Disney Fox production of an X-Men spin-off, Gambit. The title character would have been played by Channing Tatum, who likewise would have directed, while Seydoux would have been love interest Bella Donna Boudreaux. According to her, the script they had actually offered her was great, however the job later on broke down after Tatum left due to imaginative distinctions with the studio.

Among Seydoux’s approaching jobs is a brand-new adjustment of the sexual book Emmanuelle, with Audrey Diwan connected to direct. According to Seydoux, she and Diwan are from the very same generation and are on the very same page about what they wish to state concerning the sexuality of the contemporary female. Seydoux will likewise appear in Bertrand Bonello’s sci-fi thriller The Monster together with George MacKay.

“I make the films that I would want to watch. It’s the only way I choose.”