Korean thriller movies have actually shown to be their own category, likewise to Japanese scary. From the start of modern Korean movie history, directors like Kim Ki-young made movies like The Housemaid. While these movies are time pills into an age long gone, they develop the start of a unique cinematic design that relatively can just show qualities of Korean nationwide movie theater.

As financing and chances increased for domestic filmmakers and censorship relieved off as the dictatorships fell in favor of democracy, thriller movies from the peninsula nation have actually just improved. While Korean movies like Parasite have actually just started to get traditional attention, this is just the start. These are the best Korean thrillers launched up until now.


8 The Housemaid

Kim Ki-young’s 1960 movie The Housemaid was quickly a timeless in Korean movie theater. It is a staple for Korean movie enthusiasts, and a number of remakes have actually been made. An upper-middle-class household lives a serene life in a big house — something unusual for the time, as Korea was still reconstructing after the Korean War. When his pregnant other half ends up being too tired to do everyday tasks any longer, Dr. Dong-sik Kim works with a brand-new housemaid to look after whatever for her. However this housemaid includes a lethal rate, as she and the hubby start to participate in an affair, exposing her unforeseeable envious streak.

7 The Chaser

The 2008 action thriller The Chaser was motivated by a real-life serial killer active around Seoul, as described by Koreaboo. A pimp was a previous investigator with the police, however one day, 2 of his employees are missing out on. He finds the customer that had them last, and he prepares to get them back, however that includes a significant drawback as he understands this specific consumer is a serial killer. What then occurs is a bloody, ruthless chase with a significant sense of seriousness.

6 The Villainess

The Villainess premiered at Cannes Movie Celebration in 2018 and, per Soompi, got a four-minute standing ovation at the celebration. A girl is trained to end up being an assassin by the federal government after the murder of her daddy. She has an animosity versus whoever eliminated her daddy and wants to hunt them down ultimately. When she is launched from her training, she is offered projects by the firm, however she discovers that she wishes to ignore this life. Filled with action, blood, and a healthy dosage of love, The Villainess puts a female lead character into a trope mainly controlled by guys prior to her.

5 Thirst

Park Chan-wook’s Thirst unfolds like a fever dream. A Catholic priest (Tune Kang-ho) volunteers to end up being a client for a trial vaccine, and he shows incredible recovery capabilities. A cult-like mythos is constructed around the reality he made it through, however, in truth, he has actually ended up being a vampire. Due to the reality he is extremely spiritual, this produces a weird series of scenarios that concerns his ethical compass, specifically when he eliminates his youth good friend and gets together with his other half. Thirst does not change the vampire movie, however uses a series of philosophical concerns about being a vampire with faith.

4 Burning

Initially based upon a Haruki Murakami short story entitled “Barn Burning,” Lee Chang-dong’s Burning stars Yoo Ah-in, Steven Yeun, and newbie Jeon Jong-seo in a sluggish burn. A lonesome writer (Yoo) encounters a youth good friend working outside an outlet store one day, and as they revive their relationship, he satisfies a weird immigrant (Yeun) loaded with strange tricks. Burning was the very first Korean movie to make the shortlist for Best International Function at the Oscars, an accomplishment that would just be matched when Parasite swept the Oscars the list below year.

3 I Saw the Devil

Lee Byung-hun and Choi Min-sik star in the movie I Saw the Devil, a violent movie about vengeance. A bus chauffeur (Choi) murders a female on the side of the roadway, which ends up being a big error. Her fiancé (Lee) belongs to the National Intelligence Service and occurs to be present when her body is found. He has a taste for vengeance, so starts the feline and mouse video game in between the serial killer and his victim’s fan. Perfectly shot, I Saw the Devil releases whatever it has with its primary character’s rage.

2 Oldboy

Park Chan-wook’s movie Oldboy is not for those with weak hearts. It was the 2nd movie in his Revenge Trilogy, and while it reduced the ridiculous murder present in the very first movie, it is still quite extreme. A man (Choi Min-sik) is abducted one day after work and is cooped for 15 years. After he is launched from his confinement, he imagines discovering the individual who did this to him and letting all his anger out. Oldboy is an unique departure for those thinking about the timeless Hollywood thriller, providing lessons in determined violence and the human mind.

1 Parasite

Bong Joon-ho’s work of art Parasite is widely known and well-liked worldwide for a range of factors. It does not begin as a thriller, however gradually spirals into that area as the plot exposes and twists in on itself. As the Kim household emerges from the depths of their sub-basement house to leech off Korea’s most affluent households, they discover themselves in a sticky scenario when the other bad employee fired from her position returns to recover something she left.