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Best 8 Movies Like Love and Gelato You Must See

With Brandon Camp in the supervisor’s seat, the indie-tinted love comedy movie ‘Love & Gelato’ doubles as a touching coming-of-age saga. The movie conceals motifs like family members, romance, as well as identity. You can view many of these motion pictures comparable to ‘Love & Gelato’ on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

Destination Wedding

Victor Levin’s unlikely love tale, ‘Destination Wedding,’ may not be amazing in the beginning glance. Yet the tale of two misfits pitted against a frolicking wedding ceremony stimulates natural giggling as the flick gains ground. Frank is headed to his bro’s wedding, and Lindsay, the bro’s ex lover, will certainly additionally go to the ceremony. The recluse set soon understands that they will certainly not have a good time, as they dislike every little thing regarding the wedding celebration. The concoction is extremely flavorful, with Keanu Reeves and also Winona Ryder at the helm. If you are looking for a travel-themed endeavor with cynic protagonists like Lina from ‘Love & Gelato,’ below is a movie you can trust to finish your popcorn container.

Eat Pray Love

Ryan Murphy’s self-exploration movie ‘Eat Pray Love’ comes off as a coming-of-age for all ages. Shot in lush locations, backed by a buoyant score, and also chronicling the size of the globe, this film is the trip of self-discovery heightened. If you have liked ‘Love & Gelato’ however thought it falls short of reaching the sublime, this is a flick you ought to think about viewing.


Directed by Mehdi Avaz, the dramedy movie ‘Toscana’ lends a lens to the rich Italian countryside. Danish cook Theo Dahl has a tough time keeping his restaurant running. He heads to Tuscany to sell the residential or commercial property and assets of his dead, estranged father. On the estate, he satisfies a fiery and also motivating woman that makes Theo rethink the decision to offer the old house. At the same time, Theo is familiar with a side of his dad he hardly recognized existed. If complying with ‘Love & Gelato,’ you consider sampling more Italian atmosphere, this is a film you need to include in your watch checklist.

Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Woody Allen tells it finest if it is a complicated partnership. With the professional comic master at the helm, the love triangle movie ‘Vicky Cristina Barcelona’ brings the target market to a curious puzzle. Vicki as well as Christina are lifelong close friends, yet little bit do they know that their relationship will certainly transform for life as they head to Barcelona for a summer season resort. In Barcelona, both of them become enamored by sweet-talking painter Juan Antonio. They are uninformed that the painter’s ex-wife is regarding to enter his life. The facility prepares us for an intricate trip full of tensions and laughs. If you look for to watch another travel-themed love triangle flick following ‘Love & Gelato,’ this is the film you must count on.

The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants

When it comes to female-centric young grown-up endeavors, one can hardly ever beat the magic that the relationship film ‘The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants’ cast ensemble creates. The movie obtains from the eponymous young grown-up novel by Ann Brashares. If you look for an additional female-led motion picture with the style of taking a trip, this is a flick you must tick off.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

If it is not already, taking a trip to emulsify the rounds of sadness need to be a routine. Nicholas Stoller guided the love tragicomedy film ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall,’ instilling the narrative with equal procedures of fun as well as empathy. After a negative break-up with renowned television celebrity Sarah Marshall, composer partner Peter Bretter heads to getaway in remote Hawaii. Nevertheless, to Peter’s discouragement, Sarah additionally heads to Hawaii and also publications the very same hotel. The grace of Mila Kunis as the hotel’s kind receptionist saves the day while we reach fulfill some eccentric couples heading. While there has actually been a lots of films mingling traveling and also romance like ‘Love & Gelato,’ this set sticks out in its wacky wit. It would be an excellent motion picture to head to after the Netflix adaptation.

Based on the site story by E. M. Forster as well as its stage adaptation by Santha Rama Rau, the narrative complies with diverse characters in the backdrop of the late British Raj in India. While a writing on exactly how manifest destiny is likewise gendered, the flick is a superb showcase for the varied sub-continental landscapes. If you desire to enjoy an additional tense movie at the joint of self-exploration, love, and also travelogue, right here is an 80s gem you need to think about offering a shot.

Before Sunrise

Richard Linklater’s indie masterpiece love dramatization ‘Before Sunrise’ is among those films that linger for long in the mind of its audience. Jesse satisfies Celine on a train from Budapest to Vienna. The conversation flows smoothly, also as they leave the train. Both are short on cash for accommodation. Hence, they stroll the nighttime city, conference eccentric characters as well as coming closer per other. Free-flowing as well as intellectually promoting, this flick is Linklater at his best. If you are looking for a film following romantic adventures after ‘Love & Gelato,’ the first installation of the ‘Before’ trilogy will certainly not cease to thrill you.

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