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Best 10 Details That Make Neji Death Hit Hard In Naruto

Neji Hyuga’s demise is among Naruto’s saddest minutes, with followers regreting concerning it to this day. Neji was a solid personality that had a distressed past, believing his life was bound to a fate of bondage. Thanks to Naruto Uzumaki, Neji welcomed a new path to produce a much better future for himself and the Hyuga Clan.

Although it has been years since Neji’s fatality, both current and past aspects make his fatality resonate with anime fans. A great deal of work had been taken into Neji to make him an honorable comrade and also ninja, as well as Negi’s legacy is still honored by the Naruto franchise.

Kishimoto Killed Neji To Progress Naruhina

According to Masashi Kishimoto, he killed off Neji to bring Naruto and Hinata closer. Kishimoto’s reason for killing off Neji ironically parallels why Neji used to be so angry.

Neji’s fatality being utilized to relocate Hinata forward felt like a dishonesty to Neji’s personality advancement. The good news is, Kishimoto additionally revealed that Neji was important to the characters. No matter why Neji was narratively eliminated, his fatality had a huge impact on the story.

Neji Appears Before The Naruto & Sasuke Fight

In the Naruto anime, fans reached see Neji one last time prior to Naruto battled Sasuke. Naruto sees a vision of Neji repeating something from the past: “Naruto, often your eyes are better than mine. Sasuke remains in the darkness. Currently get going. You are the only individual that can save him.”

When Neji was in his own darkness, Naruto gave him hope. Afterward, Neji gave Naruto hope that the latter could save Sasuke.

Neji Motivated Boruto

Because they got to see Neji meet Boruto, many fans enjoyed Boruto’s Time Slip Arc. Unbeknownst to Neji, Boruto was his nephew from the future. Regretfully, Boruto couldn’t caution Neji concerning the battle or his death.

Neji and also Boruto got along wonderful, with the last trusting concerning his troubles with Naruto. Neji was remarkably empathetic, sharing his own past with Naruto. Neji admired how Naruto constantly tried his finest despite the latter’s hardships. In the long run, Neji motivated Boruto to keep attempting with Naruto, and they parted ways happily. Fans were happy that Boruto not only got to meet his uncle, but form a bond with him.

Shippuden Shafted Neji

A big grievance regarding Naruto Shippuden is that personalities were left by the wayside, including Neji. Throughout dozens and also lots of manga chapters, Neji was barely there, leaving followers demanding his return.

Of course, Neji died during the war arc. Fans already felt that they practically lost Neji due to his underutilization.

Neji & Hinata Grew Closer

Neji began Naruto by hating Hinata, also attempting to kill her out of revenge. He despised that his household’s side served hers, and also his stress had gotten to a boiling point. After Neji went against his fate, he ultimately befriended Hinata.

Neji trained Hinata, educating her just how to utilize her abilities. He likewise dealt with her like a big brother, secretly aiding her when she was briefly blind. Hinata discovered that Neji tried to assist her, as well as professionally kept it a key. Their relationship expanded, and also they came to be wonderful companions throughout the battle. Despite their rough start, they absolutely saw each other as both friends and family.

Hiashi Felt Guilty

Neji’s dad, Hizashi, gave his life to save Hiashi, leaving Neji alone. After Neji learned that Hizashi willingly sacrificed himself out of love, Neji respected his father’s decision and became happier.

After Neji compromised himself during the war arc, Hiashi ended up being guilt-ridden and very sad. By falling short to conserve Neji, Hiashi really felt that he harmed his family members as well as fell short Hizashi. Along with Naruto and also Hinata’s despair, Hiashi’s own sorrow made Neji’s death a lot more tragic.

Filler Showed More Of Neji

In the Sasuke Retrieval Arc, Neji nearly passed away defeating among Orochimaru’s henchmen called Kidomaru. It was a zero hour in Neji’s life when he pushed himself to his limitations and relied on Naruto.

While the Naruto manga’s war arc shafted Neji, the anime’s filler actually fleshed Neji out more. The anime revived Kidomaru, pitting him and an older Neji in a rematch.

Rock Lee Was Devastated Over Neji’s Death

Neji made use of to reject Rock Lee, considering him inferior and weak. Rock Lee always educated tough to compete with Neji and also confirm that the previous was without a doubt a deserving challenger. After Naruto’s match with Neji, the latter became broad-minded and also happily accepted Rock Lee as a rival.

Rock Lee and Neji’s friendship expanded throughout the years, and also Neji assured to constantly be his competitor. When Rock Lee discovered Neji’s remains, he was sad and also sobbed with Neji in his arms. Rock Lee almost shed the will to combat, however he continued to recognize Neji’s sacrifice as well as wishes.

Neji Wasn’t In The Final Opening

Fans love Naruto Shippuden’s 20th opening as a result of its sense of finality, peace, and nostalgia. Opening up 20 truly made fans seem like they had ended up a long and psychological journey. Naruto as well as his friends finished their arcs and can ultimately take pleasure in peacetime while assessing their pasts.

Neji wasn’t in the opening, reminding the audience that he died in the war. Still, the final opening alluded to Neji’s sacrifice, and the anime’s final episodes found ways to reference Neji.

Neji Almost Made Naruto Go Back On His Word

Naruto was combating to stop the Infinite Tsukuyomi, which was indicated to catch everybody in their dreams. Naruto had actually promised to secure all his pals, but he stopped working to conserve Neji. Neji’s death made Naruto momentarily lose his motivation to fight, tempting him to allow the Infinite Tsukuyomi to happen.

Hinata and Kurama convinced Naruto to keep fighting. Naruto realized that if he gave up, Neji’s sacrifice would’ve been for nothing. Since Naruto and his comrades won the war, Neji’s sacrifice helped save the world and his memory was able to live on.

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