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Bangalore: Nithya Menon’s Natasha in one of the super hit Malayalam movies ‘Bangalore Daisy’ in memory of Nitya Menon’s puppy in ‘Bangalore Daisy’ ..

Bangalore: The beloved puppy of the character Natasha played by Nithya Menon in one of the super hit movies ‘Bangalore Daisy’ has come to mind. Simba, the beloved dog of Varun from Basavanagudi, appeared on the silver screen as Natasha’s puppy. The dog died the previous day.

Simba has appeared in four Kannada films since Bengaluru Days. Simba was also active in advertisements and dog shows organized by various clubs in Bengaluru. Other films starring Simba include Nanu Mathu Gunda, Shivaji Surathkal, Gultu and Wajid.

Simba’s coach is Swamy from Basavanagudi. The dog had been training since he was 30 days old. At the age of one, Simba was selected by the activists for the Bangalore Daisy. Simba has won numerous awards at dog shows

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