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Ban Jathi Ratnalu For Insulting Freedom Fighters, Demands Shiv Sena

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HYDERABAD: Shiva Sena Telangana Unit State general secretary Bhuma Gangadhar  along with representatives including Kanjarla Sridharachari, Ritesh, Srinivasachari, Suresh and Venu,  lodged a complaint at the Kachiguda police station in Hyderabad on Wednesday, alleging that a few dialogues in the film were in poor taste and insulted  Indian freedom fighters in the film.

In their complaint, they demanded legal action and a ban levied on the film director, producer and actors.

Speaking to the media after filing the complaint Bhuma Gangadhar said, the song “Sarfaroshiki Tamanna Ab Hamare Dil Me Hai”, was sung by freedom fighter Ramprasad Bismil before climbing the gallows. The movie makers have twisted the song where the actor says “Sarfaroshiki Taamanna, Samantha, Rashmika Theeno Saath Hai”,  which is derogatory, they said.

The filmmaker, producer, music director, have sent a wrong message to the present  generation,which is why we have called for legal action against the singers who sang the poem and insulted it, they said.


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