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‘Ayankaran’ to the audience

G.V. Ayankaran starring Prakash Kumar will be released on May 12. The film received rave reviews from the media and celebrities who watched its premiere show in Chennai last night. GV Prakash is confident that Ayankaran, who has won critical acclaim even before he hits the theaters, will be a major milestone in his acting career.

Ayankaran, who has been stuck in Kovid Loldown for the last three years, is recovering. This is a delay and a blessing. Because GV Prakash’s films have not made a big splash at the box office for some time now. However, the films Selfie and Bachelor, which were released after Kovida, attracted attention.

Ayankaran’s writer and director is Ravi Arasu, who is notable for his hit film ‘Eetti’. It is a science fiction action thriller set in contemporary politics. The heroine is Malayalee Mahima Nambiar. Harish Perady, Raveena Ravi, Siddharth Shankar, Yogi Babu, Kali Venkat, Aadukalam Narain and Mayilsamy are the other important actors in the film. ‘Ayankaran’ Silver Screen Pictures produced by Common Man Film will be released by Murali in Kerala.

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