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“Avatar: The Way of Water” topped the list of pirated content in Russia

The Bulletin of the Movie Distributor publication reported on the leaders of pirated content in Runet for January 2023. The list was topped by James Cameron’s smash hit Avatar: The Way of the Water.

The task was not officially released in Russian movie theaters as a result of the closure of the Disney workshop, so it was one of the most actively “perky”. This is shown by the information of the research study company Group IB.

The list additionally includes “Cheburashka”, “Alien from the Future”, “Menu”, “Operation Fortune” by Guy Ritchie, the follow up “Knives Out”, and so on. At the worldwide box office, “Avatar 2” managed to accumulate 2.133 billion dollars. The Russian “shadow” ticket office last weekend totaled up to 667 million rubles.

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