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Aisha Tyler: This is what the actress who played Charlie in the famous series Friends looks like now

During its 10 seasons, the series “ Friends ” saw a host of wacky characters and hilarious guest stars. Some of the most memorable include Richard, Monica’s older boyfriend played by Tom Selleck in his prime, and Ross’s string of ex-girlfriends. Now, years after the series finale aired, notable guest stars have spoken about her experiences on set, and Aisha Tyler has revealed what it was like to guest-star on Friends as a black woman.

As one of the only main black characters in the entire series, Aisha Tyler ‘s character “Charlie” had additional meaning to fans: Tyler was the only black woman to have had a recurring role on the series for its entire run. “It was a pivotal moment for the show in regards to race,” Tyler told InStyle in September 2018, “in terms of having a character of color that had some durability and stuck around for a while, but what was interesting was that it really He didn’t throw a [party] out of it.”

Nearly 20 years since joining the series, Aisha Tyler is an actress, comedian, and television host who has navigated her love life—and the changes in it —in the public arena. Aisha married her now-ex-husband Jeff Tietjens in 1992, and they were together 13 long years before separating in 2015. The divorce was finalized in 2017, and Aisha had to pay her ex-husband $31,250 a month in spousal support for the next few years. 4 years.

“My husband and I split up over a year ago, but we were really struggling to stay together,” Aisha Tyler said at the time while still on The Talk morning show. “I met my husband when he was a teenager. We have been together for more than half of my adult life. He has been my only adult relationship and, apart from my parents, he is the person who has influenced and cared for me the most. In fact, he has taken care of me even more than my parents have taken care of me. It’s very difficult when you love someone very much but you start to realize that you want very different things for your life.

Two years after their split, Aisha Tyler moved on with her life, but she shocked everyone when rumors started that she was dating a woman. In October 2018, the actress took to social media to reveal her partner, Arrow’s Emily Bett Rickards , who had appeared on Tyler’s Instagram several times before, but many assumed she was just a friend. her. Tyler broke the news by posting a photo of her and Rickards kissing on a film strip of photos. The two have known each other for years and in 2017, Tyler referred to Rickards as her “best friend” of hers. Photos of both women together began to appear in 2015 on Aisha Tyler’s profile.

It should be noted that when Aisha Tyler was still hosting The Talk in 2016, Tyler joked that he was “a little bit gay”: “Personally, I think everyone is a little bit gay. Yes. I think everyone is on a spectrum,” she said. “Some people are very gay with a little bit of heterosexuality.” However, it is not known if the couple is still together by the beginning of 2023, but there have been no reports of a breakup either.


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