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Actress Kangana Ranaut has a bad reputation as a brawler and does not look like she can get married – Kangana Ranaut says people are spreading rumors that she is a brawler. That’s why we can get married ..

താActress Kangana Ranaut says that people are spreading rumors that she is a quarrelsome person. She also said that it does not seem possible to get married because of this. In an interview as part of the new movie Dhakad, the actor said this in response to a question.

In real life, Kangana Ranaut gave an interesting answer to the question of whether he is Dhakad or Tom Boy. They asked if anyone was really beating up. She also said that everyone thinks she has a tough personality as there are many rumors that the boys will be beaten.

Kangana Ranaut’s upcoming action movie Dhakad is all set to release soon. The actor plays the role of Agent Agni. Other important roles are played by Arjun Rampal and Divya Dutta. The film is directed by Rasneesh Ghai.

Dhakad will be released on the 20th of this month. The film comes with the title of the first female intelligence agent in Bollywood.

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