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According to the scriptures, a woman with such a neck is very fortunate! – Movie Reviews Tamil Cinema Reviews Bollywood Gossip

Lifestyle. According to the scriptures, let us tell you that by looking at the neck of women, their future can be known. For your information, let us tell you that till now the neck of women only used to determine their personality. Friends, according to Bhavishya Purana, Brahma ji tells Kumar to Kartikeya ji that the best traits of women can be recognized by their neck. Friends, you should also know about their nature according to the scriptures.

Thin neck:- According to the scriptures, women with thin neck keep fighting with financial troubles throughout their life. Let us tell you that women with thick and heavy neck have to suffer at every step of life.

Long Neck:- According to the scriptures, a woman who has three clear lines on the circumference of four fingers, she is very fortunate. He gets all the pleasures of life. Friends, let us tell you that such women are always adorned with precious gems and they have many ornaments.

The back of the neck is high: – According to the scriptures, the woman whose shoulders and the back of the neck are not high, her life is long, friends and she enjoys worldly pleasures with her husband for a long time.


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