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According to astrology, this line in the palm opens the secrets of your love affair. – Movie Reviews Tamil Cinema Reviews Bollywood Gossip

Lifestyle. According to astrology, let us tell you that the marriage line is on the Mount of Mercury under the smallest finger of the palm. Friends, according to the scriptures, it is said that there is also a line of marriage in the hands. Friends, if this line is more than one in the palm, then it is considered a love affair. This line also tells about many other things related to marriage and married life. Many people have one marriage line in their hands and many have many marriage lines in their hands. Friends, you should also know about the lines of hands according to astrology.

1. Friends, let us tell you that the person whose marriage line is very long and reaches the middle finger, then friends, such a person gets a very prosperous and prosperous life partner.

2. According to astrology, it is said that if the marriage line is broken, then it is considered a symbol of trouble in married life.

3. Friends, let us tell you that if a person has more than one line in his hand, then it indicates a love affair.

4. Friends, it is said in the scriptures that whose marriage line is going in two directions at the beginning or at the end, then it is considered as the reason for the breakdown of marriage.


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