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Academy Award for the Best Supporting Actress 2021 – List of Best Actress won an Academy Award

Academy Award for the Best Supporting Actress 2021

This year Youn-Yuh-jung received the Academy Award for the Best Supporting Actress 2021 for the movie Minari. She is the first South Korean woman to receive the Academy Award 2021. Her portrayal of Soon-ja in Minari, helped her to gain International fame. Also the best supporting actress, Yung-Yuh-jung, was nominated and received other awards too. She also received a number of awards since she started her acting career. Academy 

Award for the Best Actress 2021

Frances Mc Dormand, an American actress won the Best Actress award in the 93th Academy Award 2021. She won the Best Actress Academy Award for the movie Nomadland. Her character, Fern in Nomadland made her to get the Academy Award for the Best Actress 2021. She played the lead actress in Nomadland. So far Frances McDormand has received 4 Academy Awards in the category of Best Actress and Best Picture. 

Best Actress won the Academy Award (1970-2021)

Here is a list of actress from 1970 – 2020 who won their Academy Award through their acting. Check it out to find your favorite actress who won the Academy Award.

Best Actress Role Year
Frances McDormand Fern 2020-21
Renee Zellweger  Judy Garland 2019
Olivia Colman  Queen Anne 2018
Frances McDormand Mildred Hayes 2017
Emma Stone Mia Dolan  2016
Brie Larson Joy Newsome  2015
Julianne Moore  Alice Howland 2014
Cate Blanchett Jeanette “Jasmine” Francis 2013
Jennifer Lawrence Tiffany Maxwell 2012
Natalie Portman Nina Sayers 2011
Meryl Streep Margaret Thatcher 2010
Sandra Bullock  Leigh Anne Tuohy 2009
Kate Winslet  Hanna Schmitz 2008
Marion Cotillard Edith Piaf 2007
Helen Mirren Queen Elizabeth II 2006
Reese Witherspoon  June Carter Cash  2005
Hilary Swank Maggie Fitzgerald 2004
Charlize Aileen “Lee” Wuonos 2003
Nicole Kidman Virginia Woolf 2002
Halle Berry Leticia Musgrove  2001
Julia Roberts Erin Brockovish 2000
Hilary Swank Brandon Teena 1999
Gwyneth Paltrow Viola de Lesseps/ Thomas Kent 1998
Helen Hunt Carol Connelly  1997
Frances McDormand Marge Gunderson  1996
Susan Sarandon Helen Prejean  1995
Jessica Lange  Carly Marshall 1994
Holly Hunter Ada McGrath 1993
Emma Thompson  Margaret Schlegel  1992
Jodie Foster Clarice Starling 1991
Kathy Bates Annie Wilkers 1990
Jessica Tandy Daosy Werthan  1989
Jodie Foster Sarah Tobias 1988
Cher  Loretta Castorini  1987
Mariee Matin Sarah Norman 1986
Geraldine Page Carrie Watts 1985
Sally Field  Edna Spalding  1984
Shirley MacLaine Aurora Greenway  1983
Meryl Streep  Sophie Zawistowski 1982
Katharine Hepburn Ethel Thayer 1981
Sissy Spacek  Loretta Lynn 1980
Sally Field  Norma Rae Webster 1979
Jane Fonda Sally Hyde 1978
Diane Keaton  Annie Hall  1977
Faye Dunaway  Diana Christensen  1976
Louise Fletcher Nurse Mildred Ratched 1975
Ellen Burstyn  Alice Hyatt  1974
Glenda Jackson  Vickie Allessio  1973
Liza Minneli Sally Bowles 1972
Jane Fonda Bree Daniels 1971
Glenda Jackson  Gudrun Brangwen  1970
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Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress 2021 – FAQs

1. Have any Indian actresses won an Academy Award?

So far there is no Indian actress who won an Academy Award.

2. Do Oscar and Academy Awards are the same?

Yes, both awards are the same. The Academy Award is also popularly known as the Oscar Award.

3. Which year did the Academy Award start?

In the year of 1929, the Academy Award started to recognize world cinema.

4. Who is Youn-Yuh-jung?

Youn-Yuh- jung is a South Korean actress who recently won an Academy Award for the movie Minari.

5. Who won the best actress award in 2020?

 Frances Mc Dormand, won the best actress Academy award for the year 2020-21.

6. Is the Academy Award a popular one?

Yes, it is a popular award that recognizes talent. 

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