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9 Most Dead Giveaways About Wano Traitor’s Identity In One Piece

Though some followers may’ve missed them, many indications pointed to the traitor in Wano.

The Wano traitor’s identification has been a mystery for a major part of One Piece’s New World legend. When Kanjuro revealed himself before the strike on Onigashima, it shocked a number of the collection’ most devoted fans.

Nevertheless, there was a wealth of proof to recommend Kanjuro’s real obligation by the time of his betrayal. When evaluating the story seriously, there’s nobody else that might have potentially transformed their back on Oden. Through recognizing the most clear indicators of Kanjuro’s deception, it comes to be much easier to refine his sloppiness as a spy.

Orochi Specified That The Wano Traitor Was Male

When speaking to Kaido about the traitor’s identification, Orochi particularly called the plant with male pronouns. A refined feature, it eliminated Kikunojo, Shinobu, and any of the samurai’s partners as possible spies.

This was a significant alleviation, considering that Kikunojo’s backstory in amusement through dance might have or else incriminated her. Though Izo would certainly still technically be a suspect, he could not have perhaps continued to educate Orochi from onboard Whitebeard’s ship. Orochi’s pronoun usage was an extremely vital part of exposing Kanjuro’s identity.

The Traitor Had To Have Been Around Since At Least The Zou Arc

He seemed determined to find Raizo when Jack got here at Zou. Regardless of the number of minks informed him otherwise, he knew with assurance that the ninja was hiding on the elephant. Only a handful of Oden’s retainers were existing at the time.

In between Kin ’em on, Kanjuro, Dogstorm, Cat Viper, as well as Raizo himself, Kanjuro was the only individual who can have reasonably offered him away. Dogstorm as well as Cat Viper battled Jack tooth and nail, while Kin ’em on does not align with the various other incriminating aspects of the traitor’s life.

Kanjuro Created A Net To Help Dressrosa’s Citizens Capture King Riku

When Doflamingo announced that catching King Riku would certainly aid put an end to the bird cage, a number of Dressrosa’s citizens hunted him. Finding themselves unable to defeat the warlord, they wanted to endure through compliance.

Because Riku and also Usopp were on a high plateau, none of the civilians had the ability to reach them. However, Kanjuro made a badly drawn web that allowed their menacing and also sluggish breakthrough. Though it masqueraded absent-mindedness at the time, he was really totally familiar with the injury he created.

Orochi Said That The Traitor Was Willing To Die For Their Performance

After being beat by Kaido, Oden was punished to death by means of boiling. He carried his retainers on his back to ensure that they would certainly not suffer the same extremely painful destiny that he did.

Considering that Kanjuro did not rejoin Orochi’s side by this time, one would certainly have sensible reason to exclude him from the prospective list of traitors. However, thinking about that Orochi plainly defined that his plant was willing to need the act, Kanjuro’s or else most convincing piece of counter proof can be securely disposed of from his support.

Kanjuro Was The Only Samurai To Do Nothing In The Battle Against Kaido

When Oden and his samurai stated to beat Kaido, the Beast Pirates were waiting for them. This definitively proved that the evasive spy still stayed among their rankings as well as was a member of the retainers, no much less.

Throughout the battle, every samurai had a minute illustrating just how they fared against Kaido’s forces. Kanjuro was the only member that didn’t even make a single takedown. Rather, he brandished his musician brush into a fight position without really doing anything.

There Was Almost Nothing In Kanjuro’s Given Backstory

Kanjuro’s provided backstory was weird as well as well underwhelming to be believed. He offered himself as a “evil spirit” who took hair from the living and dead in order to create brushes. These brushes were after that cost Kanjuro to make his living.

Unlike almost every other member of Oden’s retainers, this does not define where Kanjuro really came from as a youngster. It was incredibly dubious considering that it suggests he would certainly have time to create a bond with Orochi.

Kin ’em on Couldn’t Have Been The Traitor

The events of Zou narrowed the prospective prospects for treason to Kin ’em on and also Kanjuro. The previous could not have actually been the traitor for a number of reasons. Given that he spent his youth as a petty thief, it’s clear that he did not have origins in cinema.

Due to the fact that Orochi discussed that his spy came from a straying troupe, only Kanjuro’s backstory is uncertain enough to make him a qualified traitor. Additionally, Kin ’em on’s wife sacrificed substantially for the cause, as well as it would have been out of character for him to allow her suffering in order to accomplish an objective.

The Traitor Was Present For Yasui’s Death

Yasui tried to utilize his death to encourage Orochi that crescent moon tattoo was worthless. Since Kanjuro had yet to be exposed, he made clear that Yasui was existing. Therefore, the man’s implementation was mostly fruitless (other than being a saint for his partners).

Various other members of the samurai like Ashura as well as Kikunojo created a second affair factor as well as lied about its real definition to Kin ’em on. Not just did this vindicate them from being the spy since the intrusion of Onigashima proceeded as prepared, it additionally implied that the spy followed the heroes right into the land of Wano.

The Spy’s Messenger Bird Had Kanjuro’s Blushing Cheeks

After Orochi’s conference with Kaido, he launched the Wano spy’s carrier bird to go back to him. The animal may seem innocuous, though a close evaluation discloses to the contrary.

It shares a top quality with a participant of Oden’s retainers, particularly its warning glowing cheeks. Since Kanjuro is the only person designed in such a way, his carrier bird is a straight link back to him. This link is even more powerful given that he’s able to produce pets utilizing his devil fruit.

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