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’75 percent Rajput was Shahjahan…’ Netizens were furious over Javed Akhtar’s tweet, fiercely took class – Movie Reviews Tamil Cinema Reviews Bollywood Gossip

Mumbai: Well-known lyricist Javed Akhtar often gives opinion on political issues. Now a new tweet of Javed Akhtar has surfaced. In a tweet, he claimed that Mughal emperor Shah Jahan had 75 per cent Rajput blood. At the same time, he has given the example of former US President Barack Obama.

Obama ‘s father was a Kenyan his paternal aunts still live in Kenya but since Obama was born in US he had the right to contest the presidential election Shah Jahan was the 5th Gen in India his grand mom n mom were Rajputni ( 75 %blood Rajput) but they call him a foreigner.

— Javed Akhtar (@Javedakhtarjadu) July 26, 2021

Javed Akhtar wrote in his tweet, “Obama’s father was from Kenya and his aunt still lives in Kenya, but when Obama was born in America, he got the right to run for the presidency. Shah Jahan is also the fifth generation Was born in India and his grandmother and mother were Rajputani. That is, 75 percent of his blood was Rajput, but people still call him outsider/foreigner. Now a new debate has started on Javed Akhtar’s tweet. Twitter named Chandrashekhar wrote, ‘Because he (Shah Jahan) did not become the ruler of the will of the people. While his ancestors forcibly seized power. Hence, we can never accept him as an Indian.’

A Twitter user Anupama wrote, ‘Shah Jahan ordered the demolition of 76 under construction temples in Varanasi. Similarly, his father Jahangir and his son Aurangzeb were also known to wreak havoc on Hindus and destroy their temples.’ A Twitter user Urmila writes, “People born in India have not become Indian even in 2021 and they are talking about the 5th generation of Mughals, on the basis that their mother was Hindu.”


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