For many years, teenager movies have actually informed the olden story of the popular, blonde cheerleader with the hot sweetheart and the upcoming title of Senior prom Queen. However Netflix’s Senior Year put a brand-new spin on this trope in making the spunky lead character almost 40 years of ages. In this Rebel Wilson-led funny, Stephanie, a high school senior in 2002, falls under a coma and awakens twenty years later on. Now, as an adult, she’s all set to complete her in 2015 of high school.

A lot of movies have actually followed the body swap story: for example, a wonderful fortune-teller is what turned 12 years of ages Josh Baskin into an adult played by Tom Hanks, and a wizard is what made a teenage Billy Batson change into Shazam. Senior Year overturns the standard expectation of a desire failed in aging its protagonist; she basically ages like the rest people, however, sadly for her, loses out on a substantial portion of her life. Per Outsider, Senior Year has actually currently struck the primary area on Netflix, so whether you enjoyed it for the story or for Wilson’s lovely, comical efficiency, here are 7 movies like it to watch next.


7 13 Going on 30

Like Senior Year, 13 Going on 30 centers on a once-teenage lady who awakens in the body of an adult (played by Jennifer Garner) without any memory of the previous twenty years. When 13-year-old Jenna Rink makes a desire to end up being “30, flirty and thriving,” her dream becomes a reality. However her desire to end up being a matured isn’t all it’s constructed to be when she finds she’s impolite to practically everybody, no longer talks to her moms and dads, and hasn’t spoken with her best buddy in years. She quickly discovers that the adult years is not all that attractive and discovers to value her youth.

6 17 Again

In 2009, Zac Efron and Matthew Perry both handled the function of Mike O’Donnell, a man who reviews high school after a strange janitor changes him back into a teen. Comparable to Senior Year, the movie sees its lead character going back to high school to meet the dream he never ever got the possibility to do. For this movie, Mike pursues his objective of a basketball profession after he at first offered it as much as raise his very first kid with his then sweetheart and present ex-wife. 17 Again is an amusing teenager funny, and like Senior Year, shows the advancement of its protagonist as he’s grown and grown.

5 Bring it On

Bring it On was the very first of lots of in this six-film cheerleading franchise. The very first movie centers on Kirsten Dunst’s character Torrance, the captain of the perky Toros cheerleading team. As she moves into her brand-new head position on the group, occasions go swimmingly, however things deviate when she finds the previous captain took all their regimens from the Clovers, a hiphop team from Compton. While the Toros battle to come up with an initial regimen, the Clovers develop a method to get to nationals. It’s a Toros vs Clovers face-off to see who will make it to primary. In addition to the preceding 6 movies, a seventh Halloween movie, Bring it On: Cheer or Pass Away, remains in advancement. Per Collider, the movie is anticipated to release Fall 2022.

4 Unaware

In 1995, Alicia Silverstone, a starlet in Senior Year, starred in Unaware as the abundant Valley Lady, Cher Horowitz. The movie centers on the ruined teen who at first is a little bit unlikeable for her brattiness, however with time, she becomes a sweet, exceptional matchmaker. Throughout the movie, Cher unites 2 of her smitten instructors, leads the beach catastrophe relief group, and, most especially, takes the brand-new awful duckling, played by the late Brittany Murphy, and makes her over into a positive fashionista.

3 Isn’t it Romantic

In addition to Senior Year, Rebel Wilson fans have the 2019 chick flick Isn’t it Romantic to see the Australian starlet shine. Wilson stars as Natalie, a girl who dislikes the absence of realism in romantic comedies. Nevertheless, after getting knocked in the head, she awakens to heart-shaped flocks of birds, musical numbers in the street, and a beeping noise each time she cusses — Natalie, sworn hater of love, has actually discovered herself caught in a romantic funny. Isn’t it Romantic has its protagonist getting up in an environment entirely brand-new to her, just like Senior Year. Naturally, nevertheless, Senior Year’s moving is much more practical as, after all, Natalie winds up in an imaginary universe, and it’s most likely much more most likely to awaken from a coma.

2 Mean Women

A list of iconic high school movies isn’t finish without the 2004 Lindsay Lohan funny Mean Women. Lohan leads the movie as Cady Heron, the new trainee at North Coast High. Though she begins as a simple, down to earth brainiac, her association with the Plastics turns her into somebody she never ever believed she’d end up being. Mean Women is an indisputable classic that decreases in history for its appealing lines, ensemble cast and total simply directly funniness. Both Senior Year and Mean Women focus on a fish out of water in high school and while they both exist as comedies, each movie has virtuous messages about trainee competition and appeal.

1 Pitch Perfect

Another Rebel Wilson funny, the very first Pitch Perfect movie debuted in 2012 and was followed by 2 follows up. The movies follow a college a cappella group in alarming requirement of a transformation to conserve themselves from their plentiful dreariness and a devastating previous year. Anna Kendrick handles the lead function as Beca, an ambitious DJ who starts the need for a make over, brand-new noise, and whatever they can to grow in the competitors. Wilson stars as Fat Amy, the comical relief and probably most unforgettable character.