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5 things we learned from Jennifer Lopez’s Netflix documentary ‘Halftime’

The film premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival last week and also presented on Netflix on Tuesday.

Jennifer Lopez is all about getting loud.

The artist has a whole lot to say in her brand-new documentary, “Halftime,” which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival recently and also presented on Netflix on Tuesday.

The film looks at Lopez’s specialist life in current years, promoting and also including the making of the film “Hustlers” and also behind-the-scenes of the Super Bowl Halftime Show she headlined with Shakira. (Her ex-fiance Alex Rodriguez is not discussed or included in the documentary at all.

Below are five takeaways from the documentary.

Lopez was irritated about splitting the Super Bowl program.

For the 2020 halftime show, Lopez and also Shakira each divided their time evenly for the 14-minute performance, singing a medley of their significant hits.

As well as while Lopez was honored to perform on a national phase with Shakira, behind the scenes she was likewise aggravated regarding the moment restraints on the efficiency.

Throughout one scene, Shakira and also Lopez conversation about the Super Bowl on the phone: Lopez tells Shakira, “If it was mosting likely to be a dual headliner, they ought to have given us 20 mins. That’s what they should’ve f —— done.”.

When prepping the show with her music supervisor, Lopez is also seen getting frustrated over the moment restrictions. “This was the worst suggestion worldwide to have two people do the Super Bowl,” she claims.

At one factor ahead of the show, she’s likewise caught on video clip speaking on the phone with Ricky Kirshner, an NFL producer, stating the finale “can not simply be one min.”.

It’s tough since it’s such a huge stage, as well as it’s such an essential show. As well as all of us have actually fantasized of doing it.

When Kirshner pushed back, Lopez responds by saying: “I’m trying to offer you something of substance … I want something that’s going to make a statement.”.

The NFL also “didn’t desire the cages in the show,” according to Lopez and others in the documentary.

” To secure the cages as well as compromise what I rely on would certainly resemble not existing whatsoever,” Lopez claims in the docudrama. She claims she stood her ground, asserting that “The Super Bowl is tomorrow as well as we’re not altering anything.”.

Eventually, the program maintained the political statement in position. There were kid performers in glowing balls that several interpreted as a recommendation to the immigrant youngsters and also youth being held at U.S. detention centers. Emme, Lopez’s daughter, also joined her mommy on phase and sang a few bars of Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the USA” as Lopez spread out a feathery flag that featured the American and Puerto Rican flags on it.

Lopez published on Instagram the day after the Super Bowl. She created in the inscription, “other people can try to build walls, keep us out or place us in cages.

Seeing photos of children in cages at the boundary inspired Lopez to obtain more political.

Throughout the documentary, Lopez notes that she’s not “right into politics.”.

” I’m not that person,” she claims. “But I was staying in a United States I didn’t acknowledge. I was afraid for my youngsters, for their future.”.

It was seeing images and also video of youngsters in cages at the boundary that made her seem like she “could not believe” what she was viewing. In 2018, numerous youngsters were divided from their moms and dads at the U.S. border as part of the Trump management’s “no tolerance” plan.

” You don’t tear a kid from their parents,” she claims. “There are just specific points as a human being you do not do.”.

” It made me recognize that I had a responsibility to not be quiet,” she includes. “To not simply leave the national politics to everyone else.”.

When prepping her Super Bowl show Shakira, Lopez is seen discussing making a statement with their show as well as opposing the “narrative that Trump developed” that “everybody’s an immigrant trying to creep right into the nation as well as is that is a criminal.”.

” Some of us have been below for years,” she states. “And a lot of those people are simply great people that are seeking the American dream. That’s all they want.”.

Lopez considered giving up Hollywood amidst scrutiny, jokes at her expenditure.


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As her career exploded, Lopez says there was a time when she “had actually reduced self esteem.”.

” No issue what I accomplished,” she says in the docudrama. “Their [the media’s] appetite to cover my personal life eclipsed everything.”.

” I believed a lot of what they stated, which is that I wasn’t really excellent,” she claims.

The documentary reveals clips of late evening reveals buffooning Lopez, specifically her partnership with Affleck. The pair referred to as “Bennifer” was just one of Hollywood’s best pairs from 2002 to 2004. They aborted their wedding beforehand and later on separated.

Each then married other individuals. Lopez was wed to vocalist Marc Anthony, whom she split with 7 years later on. Affleck wed actor Jennifer Garner, however in 2015 they revealed they were separating after 10 years of marital relationship.

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