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5 Anime Openings and also Endings Sung by K-pop Idols

Anime closings and also openings are recognized for their catchiness. There are many popular artists who perform them, several of which are K-pop idolizers.

Anime openings and also ends include a selection of Japanese artists such as LiSA, GRANRODEO, UVERworld, and Flow. The catchy openings as well as ends make the anime more memorable and also increase the respective musician’s popularity.

K-pop, short for Korean pop music, has actually become much more popular in the western globe with the increased presence of artists such as BTS, BlackPink, and also Ateez. Occasionally, K-pop groups or musicians will sing the opening up or finishing to mainstream programs. Having a tune in an anime has aided even more musicians obtain acknowledgment throughout a more comprehensive target market.

” TOP” by Stray Kids– Tower of God Opening 1

Debuting in 2018, Stray Kids is a South Korean child band under JYP Entertainment. The group has eight participants: Bang Chan, Lee Know, Changbin, Hyunjin, Han, Felix, Seungmin, as well as I.N. In 2020, Stay Kids released their very first Japanese single, TOP, which featured 2 tracks. “TOP” was the opening to the anime Tower of God, while “Slump” was the ending song.

Tower of God is a Spring 2020 anime based upon the Korean webtoon of the very same name. The tale adheres to Twenty-Fifth Bam as he climbs the tower looking for his pal Rachel. As he starts his journey, he satisfies new good friends, deals with many obstacles, as well as finds out tricks about the mystical tower.

” Forget Me” Not by Enhypen– Re-Main Opening 1

Enhypen is a seven-member kid group under Belift Lab that debuted in 2020. The album included the track “Forget Me Not” which ended up being the opening theme for the 2021 sports anime Re-Main.

The anime adheres to professional athlete Minato Kiyomizu. After a cars and truck crash, he lost all his memories, including those of his time on his middle school water polo team. Now, as a freshman in high school, he needs to relearn exactly how to play the sport he as soon as enjoyed.

” Everlasting Shine” by Tomorrow x Together– Black Clover Opening 12

The team released their solitary DRAMA in 2020, which featured 3 tracks. “Everlasting Shine”, the single’s second track, was a Japanese track utilized as the twelfth opening for Black Clover.

Black Clover very first broadcast in 2017. The anime follows Asta, a kid that can not use magic in a world run by mages. He signs up with the Clover Kingdom’s Magic Knights on his mission to become the Wizard King. “Everlasting Shine” was the last opening of the Elf Reincarnation Arc prior to Asta traveled to the Heart Kingdom.

” Win” by Cix– God of High School Ending 1

Cix is a five-member group created by C9 amusement. In 2020, Cix launched their single “Win”, which would certainly later on become the ending for the summer anime God Of High School.

Adapted from a Korean webtoon, The God Of High School complies with Taekwondo fighter, Jin Mori. The “God of High School Tournament” has actually started, and also he plans to win. The fighting competition permits any type of martial arts style, as well as by winning, the victor gets any wish they want given.

” Masayume Chasing” by BoA– Fairy Tail Opening 15

Known as the “Queen of K-pop”, BoA is a South Korean singer, songwriter, producer, actress, and also dancer. It was the fifteenth opening style for the anime Fairy Tail.

Fairy Tail follows mage Lucy Heartfilia as she travels the nation of Fiore with her friends from her guild. Opening up fifteen started on episode 176 during the Grand Magic Games Arc and also ran until episode 188.

K-pop’s popularity has boosted for many years with the increase of exposure in the west. As an anime, k-pop and outcome sometimes clash, generating lots of memorable and also unforgettable openings for fans.

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