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3 Mistakes That Newbies Must Avoid When Creating Their First Just Sold Real Estate Postcards

Just sold real estate postcards are among the best business lead generators in the industry. However, you need to have unique cards for your business for a good return on investment. The cards must stand out, show success in your area, and reassure buyers you can give them similar results.

Your first sale or first few sales as a newbie are a great achievement. A successful sale is one of the best and easiest ways to introduce yourself in the market and make your presence felt in the neighbourhood. Below we explore some of the mistakes to avoid when creating your first just sold postcards as a newbie.

Real Estate Postcards

Not Having All The Relevant Information on the Just Sold Real Estate Postcards

Your just sold real estate postcards should stand out from the rest, beginning with the general look of the card. Avoid fancy fonts that are difficult to read by finding a good professional font for business. You don’t want your client’s staring at the card trying to figure out the writings. The colors on the card should also match with the background.

The photography should also be high quality clearly indicating the image of the sold property; blurred photos may lead to your card being tossed in the bin. Good quality pictures help your clients have a connection with what you are selling. It also speaks volumes about you as a person. Show them you value excellence by how you present your postcards.

Besides the card design, there is various other key information that should not miss on your just sold card. These include:

Your contact information: this must be clearly listed on the card. Sending just sold postcards without contact information is a grave mistake regardless of how good your work is. Your potential clients have no one to reach out to. Always remember to include your name, mobile number, headshot, company logo, and website. Ensure the texts are readable; otherwise, your postcards may be discarded as soon as they arrive. Remember that you are competing for the same clients with other agents, some of whom are well established in the market, and that’s why your cards need to stand out

Testimonials: This is another key section that most newbies leave out. However, testimonials are powerful motivators and also act as endorsements or references. Ensure you have a section where your clients tell the world about you and your services. Being a newbie is the surest sign that you can be trusted.

Find a place at the back of your postcard and indicate a few testimonies instead of adding irrelevant fluff that adds no value to the card. Remember, the card is meant to generate leads and give a return on investment, considering there are costs involved in sending the cards. With studies showing that 89% of consumers read reviews before making a purchase, you need to consider testimonials as a key marketing tool. Both online and offline

A call to action: besides contact information and testimonials, a call to action is another key section that must appear on your just sold card. One of the mistakes most newbies make on the card is to assume the recipients or prospects will be automatically interested without prodding. This is not always the case. You need to tell them what to do with the card. They can call back or text you, reach out to you via email, chat with you, or check your website for more information. The bottom line is you need to tell the recipient what to do with the information you have just given them.

If you have any offers, this is also the perfect place to add the info. It could be free evaluations, free appraisals, special discounts, and any other information that will entice the reader to want to know more.

Not Clearly Showing The Sold Properties

Always put the word out there whenever you make a sale. An even better option is putting a sign on the yard for more visibility immediately after the sale. This should be followed by the just sold postcard informing your prospects that you have successfully sold a particular property and that you can extend the same service to them.

You need to clearly show the properties that you have sold. As a newbie, these may be few, but they still count. Considering the size of a postcard, you may not be able to add as many as you want but having a few photographs still works for you. You can also include the prices on the postcard to give other sellers an idea of what they can achieve if they work with you. For mailed postcards, the price may also act as a green light to the sellers who have been sitting on the fence that they can now sell.

You should also make photography your best friend. The photographs grab people’s attention, making them want to know more. Ensure the just sold house photos are clear with long frontal shots that show off the best parts. This helps sellers resonate with what you are selling.

Not Following Up After Sending The Just Sold Postcard

Most newbies in the industry send the just sold postcards, then relax, waiting for a call from potential sellers. Unfortunately, there are many agents trying to entice the same prospects. Some of these agents are well established; hence you are competing with the best in the market.

After sending the cards, you need to follow up on this new list of prospects. With a curated mailing list, you can send them emails every month with more just sold projects, offers, and other projects that you are undertaking.

You may also be tempted to send your postcards to the largest potential audience as a newbie. However, it’s important to be strategic and, if possible, target those with some vested interests considering there are also many renters. One of the best approaches is to use a targeted mailing list. If you opt for real estate farming, you may consider sending a postcard every month until you get a new listing in the area.

Remember These Key Tips

As a newbie, never forget to add key information on your card, clearly show the sold properties, and always follow up. Avoid these three mistakes that most newbies make when creating their first just sold real estate postcards, and with time and consistency, your real estate career will kick-off.

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