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15 Leaders, bring out these savages; MACTA in the Hema Committee Report

HeyMACTA wants the committee report to be released. The organization alleges that the MACTA Federation has participated in government meetings to date but has excluded the MACTA Federation from discussing the report of the Hema Committee organized by the government after Ranjith became the Chairman of the Film Academy. It is learned that the Hema Committee report contains the names of 15 prominent personalities in the film industry. “It is the duty of the government to bring these poachers to justice,” he said

Macta’s note

The MACTA Federation, the largest organization of workers in the Malayalam film industry, has been present at all government meetings to date. But since Mr. Ranjith became the chairman of the Chalachithra Academy, the MACTA Federation has been excluded from the discussion on the Hema Committee report organized by the government.

The MACTA Federation suspects that this is to protect the names of those in high positions in government-run film academies and corporations. The Homa Committee report should not be hoarded and should be released. It is learned that it contains the names of 15 famous people in the film industry. It is the duty of the government to bring to justice whoever these poachers are. It is not wrong to suspect that the government’s intervention is in a way that protects the oppressors as a whole without doing so. Therefore, the MACTA Federation demands that the names of the perpetrators and the people mentioned in the Hema Committee report be released, except for the names of the complainants. The MACTA Federation is concerned about Ranjith’s actions like this.

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