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10 Greatest Missed Opportunities In Obi-Wan Kenobi



10 Greatest Missed Opportunities In Obi-Wan Kenobi

Obi-Wan Kenobi had something for every person to appreciate, but had the innovative group gone a various direction, even more opportunities could’ve been checked out.

Obi-Wan Kenobi was a treat for nearly every corner of the Star Wars fandom. Fans of the originals and the prequels ultimately reached see a mix of elements from both trilogies in a manner that hadn’t been presented before. With Ewan McGregor, Hayden Christensen, and also James Earl Jones all reprising their duties from previous movies, there was lots to delight in.

Nevertheless, Obi-Wan Kenobi missed the mark in some areas, as well as its tale didn’t encounter as pleasing as it could have been. Had the imaginative team gone a various direction, there were a number of narration opportunities that might’ve offered the series more interesting spins.

Ahsoka Returning As Fulcrum

As far as Star Wars canon goes, Ahsoka Tano was extremely active during the time of the Empire. By the time Obi-Wan Kenobi takes place, she would certainly’ve been functioning closely with Bail Organa as Fulcrum. When Bail’s daughter Leia was abducted, the collection missed an opportunity to integrate Ahsoka into the action.

Despite the fact that Ahsoka could not have learned Darth Vader was her former master Anakin to maintain canon, having her resembled finding the Sith Lord’s key would’ve been enjoying watch. With Ahsoka’s extra current live-action looks, having her cameo and discover Kenobi was still to life would’ve been possible.

Fulfilling Other Escaped Jedi

In episode 3 of Obi-Wan Kenobi, the titular character discovers a retreat course that’s been often visited by several Jedi over the past 10 years. He recognizes the name of Quinlan Vos, that hasn’t showed up because his animated debut in Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Obi-Wan Kenobi could’ve given Quinlan Vos the chance to radiate, or emphasize other established Jedi who hadn’t been verified dead. Consulting with old good friends would certainly’ve been a great way to provide Obi-Wan the push he needed to reconnect with the Force.

Giving Qui-Gon Jinn A Greater Role

Although fans saw Obi-Wan looking for his master in the Force, the story thread had not been carefully followed for the stories worrying Leia and also the Inquisitors. It would’ve been interesting to see Obi-Wan seeking his master once more after a lengthy separation from the Force

Although Qui-Gon finally made a look at the actual end of the program, his return didn’t seem as impactful considering that there weren’t any kind of previous hints to his visibility. Qui-Gon might’ve been even more important in Obi-Wan’s journey.

Obi-Wan’s Connection To The Force.

Fans see Obi-Wan struggling to make use of the Force at numerous points in the program, having actually reduced himself off from it after Jedi Order’s terrible failure. While Obi-Wan’s separation does make sense in some areas, it also really feels neglectful of him to distance himself from the Force entirely when he knows Luke open day requires to be trained in its means.

There were several missed chances for Obi-Wan to negate this thoughtless picture. While his downtrodden state of mind may’ve been making it harder to connect via the Force, showing Obi-Wan fight with his own position on the Force would certainly’ve added another fascinating layer.

Throwing Bounty Hunters Into The Mix

Throughout Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Obi-Wan collaborated with bounty hunters and also pirates alike on numerous celebrations. Obi-Wan Kenobi might’ve offered the perfect callback chance, requiring the Jedi to rely on old friends and also adversaries.

Obi-Wan traveled to numerous sketchy planets throughout the show, positions comparable to areas his previous colleagues were usually seen seeing. With Cad Bane’s current live-action appearance, there was no reason why Bane, or various other fugitive hunter like Bossk, Embo, and even Hondo couldn’t have made a look.

Exploring The Jedi Tomb.

The Jedi burial place showcased in Obi-Wan Kenobi episode four worked as a horrible check out some Jedi’s fate after the surge of the Empire. As well as even though Obi-Wan was troubled at discovering it, the tomb’s inclusion did little to better the plot of the program.

The Jedi tomb could’ve conveniently been connected right into Reva’s backstory, and also can’ve been discussed by both her and Obi-Wan in the future. It likewise can’ve included characters Obi-Wan or the target market knew with, advancing the rebellious Jedi’s resolve to fight back against the Empire.

Broadening On The Inquisitors.

The Inquisitors were originally introduced in Star Wars Rebels, after that Obi-Wan Kenobi introduced the Fourth Sister. There was a missed out on possibility to increase on Fourth Sister’s character past simply being there for backup.

In Addition, Obi-Wan Kenobi can’ve made a callback to the Second Sister, a personality original to the computer game Jedi: Fallen Order. Even though she would certainly passed away by the time Obi-Wan Kenobi happened, mention of the Second Sister’s lack or having the various other Inquisitors compare Reva to her would certainly’ve expanded on an interesting item of lore.

Including More Character Growth For Leia.

Seeing a younger Leia was fun, Obi-Wan Kenobi didn’t take spend much time giving her personality area for development. At first of the show, Leia specified she disliked the idea of becoming a legislator. For followers who recognize what her future held, it would’ve been interesting to see her interactions with Obi-Wan start changing her mind.

An additional story point that might’ve been added involves Leia’s capture by the Empire. Having the Empire shape her point of view of the program would tie in to her canonical time with the Rebellion.

Exposing Commander Cody’s Fate.

Up until the recent discovery in the period 2 trailer for The Bad Batch, Commander Cody’s destiny after the loss of the Republic had remained unblemished. While that collection has the connection of Cody’s personality in its hands, Obi-Wan Kenobi had room to include him in a flashback or cameo.

The majority of Obi-Wan and Cody’s relationship was created during their time with each other in The Clone Wars. Having Cody appear was feasible, considering that Temuera Morrison currently made a cameo as an unnamed clone expert in the show.

Darth Maul And Obi-Wan’s Continual Conflict.

Darth Maul and Obi-Wan clashed numerous times over the course of the Star Wars canon complying with The Phantom Menace. Maul’s growth in The Clone Wars made him more than a one-dimensional villain, as well as Obi-Wan Kenobi supplied the best opportunity to bring Maul back to the live-action phase again, perhaps with Sam Witwer’s stunning voicework.

Darth Maul was thought about as a principal in the program until script changes wrote him out completely. His addition could have taken Obi-Wan Kenobi in a better, extra psychological, as well as comprehensive direction.

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Top 10 Marvel Variants Stronger Than The Originals




Top 10 Marvel Variants Stronger Than The Originals

Wonder’s multiverse and also the series What If …? has actually created several personalities that equal their originals in regards to capabilities and strength.

With the release of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness last month, the conversation on multiverse variants of Marvel personalities has obtained brand-new energy. Certainly, this type of discussion will only bring about one concern: just how solid can those characters obtain?

Prior to fanfiction took off, Marvel currently had a long and productive history of looking inside its cupboard of possibilities as well as seeing what option backgrounds they could generate for their personalities. In some different globes, Marvel characters have evolved past the capacities of their resource product.

Area Punisher Could Take On The Universe

In the minimal collection, Space: Punisher, written by Frank Tieri and shown by Mark Texeira, Punisher is out there in the universe tackling the most significant bads in Marvel background, except currently with a ’60s sci-fi theme. The facility is pretty standard. A secret cabal of bad guys organized to have Frank Castle’s family murdered, and also he’s out for revenge. Along his bloody path, he eliminates baddies such as Green Goblin, Ultron, Red Skull (with a military of Hitler clones), and also the Watchers.

Black Widow From Year 20XX Took Down Thanos

In this universe, Thanos was at it with onslaughts again. Fifty percent of Earth’s mightiest heroes were killed by the Mad Titan for no factor in any way. In this universe, Thanos simply intended to send out a message to the universe that he was awesome.

Not just did she assemble a brand-new group of Avengers, yet she did so with only half a globe of heroes to function with. After conserving the world, Natasha went on to lead the Avengers for another thirty years.

The Doombot Ultron Took Over The World

In the Ultron Forever event, Ultron showed up in the future and also conveniently took control of the world, making the Avengers his private bio-slave force very rapidly. Doom being Doom managed to outsmart the Ultron AI and also take control of the program, and also the world together with it. When Vision disclosed the truth of Doom’s past to him, doom was very close to cleaning out all resistance. He wasn’t Doom at all; he was simply a defiant Doombot whose initial shows had actually reactivated. Therefore, he thought he required to make Victor von Doom’s name live on forever.

Tony Stark Became Sorcerer Supreme

She’s looking for the time and also area where she left her spouse and kid, yet due to her journeys via time, she’s altered the cosmos so a lot they no longer exist in the timeline she produced. After fixing all the world’s issues, Stark took care of to integrate the mystic arts with his brilliant intellect to rise to brand-new heights.

Weapon Omega Is A Wolverine Empowered By Celestials

In a world where Apocalypse erased most people in North America, Logan originally joined Magneto and also his new group of heroes called the X-Men to stop Apocalypse. Jean Grey was at some point caught, however Magneto declined to aid save her, so Logan started out on his very own to conserve her and also shed his hand in the process.

After Apocalypse’s death, the Celestials came knocking. They chose Logan as their flag holder in their quest of exterminating all people. Wolverine was given god-like powers, which allowed him to erase nearly all human beings in the world.

The Spider Is A Spider-Man Who Never Gave Up His Symbiote

A lunatic from the get go, this version of Peter Parker had no qualms taking the upgrade when the symbiote called Spider chose him as a host. Due to Peter’s thirst for blood, along with the symbiote’s feral propensities, The Spider was accountable for the murder of adequate individuals to land him 67 consecutive life sentences. Sadly for the multiverse, he was looked by a group of villains who intended to disrupt alternate truths, as well as he was simply the monster for the work.

This Blink Gained The Powers Of The In-Betweener

In What If …? # 75, written by Stefan Petrucha and highlighted by Greg Luzniak, Blink was propelled outside her reality and into the realm of the In-Betweener– among one of the most effective beings in the Marvel multiverse. It’s his responsibility to keep truths going down the roadway they’re meant to. When he sees Blink, he tries to kill her, as that’s what’s meant to occur, however she somehow ruins him and acquires his powers instead. The disorder of deep space at some point bewilders her, and also she’s only saved when the In-Betweener returns as well as wants to keep her to life as a friend.

Thor Is Imbued With The Phoenix Force

In Thor # 6, written by Jason Aaron and also illustrated by Christian Ward, Thor is combating Doctor Doom at the end of the universe. This version of Thor traveled to the far-off future to look for a method to save mankind. At the end of all points, he finds a god-like Doctor Doom still causing trouble. For a cosmos that was a lot of the way out the door, Thor combines his powers with the Phoenix Force to conserve what little bit life there was left in existence.

When, Captain America Was Turned Into A Vampire

In this cosmos, Captain America was become a vampire. He then continued to murder his vampire master as well as take control of the title of Vampire King, infecting the remainder of the Avengers.

With Steve Rogers’ capabilities as well as valor integrated with his vampiric powers, there was little standing in the method of this new, savage Avenger. To see a person that is expected to be Earth’s best hero succumb to such base yearnings would have most likely shocked his enemies before the battle also started.

Physician Stragefate Is The Combination Of Doctor Strange, Charles Xavier, as well as Doctor Fate

The Amalgam Universe is a crossover between the Marvel and also DC universes. Villains and heroes are typically amalgamations of DC and Marvel characters, such as a cross in between Batman as well as Wolverine, yet also for that world, Doctor Strangefate is … strange. For starters, he’s the mix of 3, not 2, personalities take into one. For another, both Strange and Fate are considered one of the most effective sorcerers in their realities, while Charles could be suggested to be one of the most powerful mutant out there. With every one of that power, Doctor Strangefate is definitely a pressure to be reckoned with.

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10 Characters That Deserve A Better Story In Fullmetal Alchemist




10 Characters That Deserve A Better Story In Fullmetal Alchemist

Several Fullmetal Alchemist storylines really did not understand their full possibility.

Hiromu Arakawa’s Fullmetal Alchemist has actually gotten universal praise for its significant plot, innovative worldbuilding, and also striking activity sequences. Since it does not permit its personalities the simple means out, fullmetal Alchemist is a masterclass in storytelling. There is really little plot armor readily available to safeguard them from pain, suffering, and even fatality.

However, characters are forced to expand, progress, and mature in response to the destinies they are dealt. As in real life, some individuals endure their crucibles of trauma and also emerge stronger than ever, while others fall apart under the weight of their worries. There are a couple of characters whose arcs aren’t as extensive or adequate as they could have been.

Nina Tucker Doesn’t Deserve The Horrifying Fate Meted Out To Her

Nina Tucker’s character arc is among the most impactful in the collection: a young, care free child whose existence is completely twisted unfit by her very own papa. Shou had actually already executed his cruel experiments on her mommy, as well as he eventually brings upon the very same horrifying destiny on Nina.

Edward is ravaged upon finding the Nina-Alexander chimera, that inexplicably pleads him to spare her dad. Mark murders Shou as penalty for his crimes as a State Alchemist, prior to proceeding to euthanize the chimera out of compassion. Nina’s suffering and death haunt Ed for a long period of time.

Trisha Elric Becomes Nothing More Than A Narrative Stepping Stone For Ed & Al

. Van Hohenheim falls in love with Trisha Elric– despite his vow to save Amestris from Father, he starts a new life with her.

Her death leaves a gaping space in her young boys’ hearts, so they attempt to reanimate her using Human Transmutation. The strategy comes a cropper, though it additionally sets Ed and also Al on the path toward their destiny. Trisha’s life is popular as well as cherished, however she comes to be absolutely nothing greater than a stepping rock for the lead characters.

Madame Christmas Is Clearly Too Shrewd And Capable To Be Sidelined.

Chris Mustang, better known as Madame Christmas, is an interesting personality. Not only does she singlehandedly run her own below ground procedure, yet she’s later disclosed to be Colonel Roy Mustang’s foster mommy.

Offered her connection with a significant gamer in the tale, it’s shocking that Madame Christmas gets such little screentime. In fact, she’s the first to supply clear-cut evidence that Selim Bradley isn’t a common human. Madame Christmas is clearly as well clever as well as capable to be sidelined.

Maes Hughes Didn’t Deserve To Be Shot In A Phone Booth.

Maes Hughes is a crucial character for the first 10 episodes of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. As Mustang’s confidant as well as close buddy, he wholeheartedly sustains his buddy’s soaring ambitions with a happy smile on his face.

Ed as well as Al enjoy his comically lovely demeanor, even if they occasionally (and also jokingly) refer to him as a “kidnapper.” Hughes’ fatality rings alarm bells across Amestris and also urges the plot ahead. While eliminating him from the story makes logical feeling, Hughes didn’t be worthy of to be shot in a phone booth.

Lust’s Death Erases Her Potential Before She Truly Gets A Chance To Shine.

Desire might not be as ridiculous and despiteful as Envy, yet her coldblooded murder of Maes Hughes makes her the least sympathetic Homunculus. She takes terrific enjoyment in viewing her enemies suffer, glibly notifying Mustang that she was his best friend’s awesome.

Lust seemingly defeats both Mustang and Havoc and also turns her attention to Alphonse, which allows the Flame Alchemist to launch a sneak attack from behind. The resulting blaze effectively melts away the Homunculus, along with her Philosopher’s Stone. On one hand, Lust’s death is justifiably gratifying; on the various other, it eliminates her capacity prior to she genuinely reaches beam.

Pinako Rockbell’s Character Is Well-Designed, But Her Arc Feels Somewhat Scattered.

Pinako Rockbell is an unquestionable badass– she increases her son and her granddaughter while all at once earning a name for herself in the field of automail design. She was once called the “Leopardess of Resembool,” a badge of honor symbolizing her unrelenting determination and also grit.

Pinako’s grandmotherly presence aids Ed and also Al heal from their Human Transmutation experiment as well as she promises them a residence whenever they require one. Her character is fleshed-out and extremely properly designed, yet her arc really feels rather scattered.

Isaac McDougal’s Fascinating Storyline Is Cut Short In The Very First Episode.

The Freezing Alchemist Isaac McDougal is an anime-only personality, appearing in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. His moral compass goes haywire during the Ishvalan Crisis and eventually shatters, explaining why he brings a lot disgust for the military.

Incapable to tolerate Amestris’ warmongering plans as well as colonizer attitude, McDougal releases his ice alchemy on Central Command. He barely leaves with his life after Edward as well as Alphonse defeat him, only to be insta-killed by Führer Bradley. Dougal’s story is cut short in the very first episode.

If Tim Marcoh Fully Recovers From His Emotional Trauma, it’s Unclear.

As the Crystal Alchemist, Tim Marcoh looks after all aspects of the Philosopher’s Stone Creation Project. His compassionate nature overcomes his clinical inquisitiveness when he’s forced to take part in the ruthless conquest of Ishval, compelling him to desert the military.

Marcoh desperately intends to retrieve himself for his indirect function in the genocide, as well as chooses to heal the unwell and also wounded with the help of a swiped Philosopher’s Stone. Marcoh picks to aid the Ishvalan individuals after Father’s ultimate devastation, yet it’s unclear if he really recuperates from his psychological injury.

Sloth Is Essentially A Mindless Marionette Without Father.

Sloth spends most of his time, maybe a lot of his life, excavating a network of underground passages below Amestris. He most likely doesn’t know the reason behind his task, which isn’t unusual since Father on a regular basis treats his “kids” like expendable garbage.

Sloth later on turns out to be the reverse of his name, assaulting the Armstrong brother or sisters at supersonic speeds, yet even this unforeseen revelation does little to save his personality. Sloth is basically a brainless marionette– he does nothing without a puppeteer controling his strings.

Lan Fan’s Emotional Reliance On Prince Ling Yao Takes Away Some Of Her Agency.

Lan Fan and also her grandfather, Fu, accompany Prince Ling to Amestris, intending to support his claim to the Xing throne by getting a Philosopher’s Stone. Her loyalty as well as commitment are incomparable, to the point that she loses her calmness when anybody mocks her beloved royal prince.

Although Lan Fan’s battling skills make her an efficient bodyguard, her personality largely focuses on her professional identity. This does not suggest that Lan Fan doesn’t have a personality of her own, however her psychological dependence on Ling eliminates several of her narrative company.

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Westworld: Let’s Speak About That Surprise Reappearance




Westworld: Let’s Speak About That Surprise Reappearance

This article has significant looters for Westworld Season 4.

Teddy is back. In the last couple of moments of the season 4 premiere of Westworld, the precious character turned unfortunate awesome, that died in Season 2, made his grand return in a romantic twist at the end of the episode– played, as ever before, by James Marsden.

Christina– the brand-new personality played by Evan Rachel Wood, that previously played Dolores– heads out to her balcony after a demanding collection of occasions, including going on an awful date, experiencing a self-destruction, as well as locating a surprising token from a home intruder. She simply understands that absolutely nothing makes feeling as well as she really feels a vacuum in her life. Christina is just certain of one point: “I desire a tale with a happy ending.”

Right after she says that, the electronic camera looks to disclose a guy enjoying her from the sidewalk, hiding behind the trees, flanked by the streetlight. It’s Teddy, handsomely gazing up at her as ball game swells. (It’s a string cover of “Video Games” by Lana Del Rey, a selection so-on-the-nose that it’s amusing prior to it turns touching).

The episode– a streamlined, amusing slow-burn collection seven years after the events of period 3– upright that thrilling note, without responding to any type of genuine questions about Teddy’s return. Although the premiere did rush forecasts that Teddy was the secret guy Christina was seen going on a date with in a very early period 4 intro; that was simply some jerk Christina’s cheery flatmate, played by Ariana DeBose, set her up with as a scheme to make Christina a lot more social. And though Teddy is only really seen at the end of the episode, there is a moment previously in the premiere when it appears like he’s regarding to return. All episode long, Christina had actually been stalked by a distressed man named Peter (Aaron Stanford). 3 quarters of the way into the episode, he follows her residence one evening as well as strikes her. She fends him off awhile, up until a mystery man dives in as well as saves her, defeating Peter up. Yet prior to Christina can obtain a great take a look at him, both men vanish. It’s never ever confirmed, yet it sure feels like it might have been Teddy.

Thinking about Dolores published Teddy’s pearl (a.k.a. robot mind) to the Valley Beyond, Teddy’s return was a significant possibility at any kind of factor in the series. Beyond program reasoning, Teddy’s return was also verified when Marsden made a shock appearance at Westworld’s panel at the ATX Festival in June. He really did not state much regarding what his personality would certainly depend on, instead sharing vague discoveries about what will certainly occur in period 4 of the hit sci-fi series.

” The styles of discovering human urges of violence as well as things like that are going to proceed,” he stated, per Entertainment Weekly. “And this season maybe we discover what the globe appears like after Dolores established the people as well as the robots complimentary. Are they going to work together or are they mosting likely to vie for control? What takes place when they try control? Will the hosts acquire these advises of physical violence? Several of the basic points that we continue to check out on this program, and also certainly in period 4– we ask a great deal of those concerns. What happens following?”

So, what is following for Teddy? The last time we saw him in period 2, Dolores had set him to come to be a killer for the host disobedience. Eventually, Teddy could not take it any longer, killing himself to leave the physical violence. He does not appear in all in season 3. The season 4 premiere reintroduces him on a tender note, hinting that he and Christina will certainly come one-on-one even earlier than we think.

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