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10 Best Razzie Winners That Didn’t Deserve To Win Worst Picture

The Razzies are infamously ruthless concerning their pungent awards nominations, but some films are entitled to better.

In 1981, the Golden Raspberry Foundation, aka the Razzies, declared Can’t Stop The Music the first-ever victor of the most awful Picture award and also the most awful picture of 1980. Since then, there have been a number of Worst Picture champions and nominees in succeeding years.

Regardless of the Razzies being a prominent company concerning this decision, there have actually been several years when their judgment has shown to be askew. Sometimes they have actually preferred one candidate over another that was extra deserving. On other occasions, they have actually ignored a dreadful flick that hardly obtained any type of elections, as well as occasionally they have a lightweight reason behind it.

The Adventures Of Ford Fairlane Was Nowhere Near On Par With Its Fellow Winner

1990 saw the 2nd Worst Picture tie in Razzie background with Ghosts Can’t Do It and The Adventures of Ford Fairlane. The last included an investigator, Ford Fairlane (Andrew Dice Clay), getting worked with to discover a missing out on groupie and running into a collection of interconnected murders within the songs market.

Unlike Ghosts Can’t Do It, The Adventures of Ford Fairlane had solid production values. The latter’s plot was nonsensical, and most of its jokes were reused from Clay’s stand-up or fell flat. It has the occasional amusing minute and a couple of suitable performances, which is extra than what the former can claim.

I Know Who Killed Me Was Chaotic But Fun

I Know Who Killed Me involves a young woman called Aubrey Fleming (Lindsay Lohan) going missing out on after obtaining abducted. She is eventually found however declares to be another person totally. Therefore, a secret unravels whether there is fact to Aubrey’s tale.

The movie’s story quickly goes off the rails, particularly with its discoveries. It’s deserving of the cult following it has created over the years.

Hudson Hawk Embraced Its Absurdity

Hudson Hawk adheres to the titular character (Bruce Willis) getting released from jail. Despite wanting to go straight, he obtains pushed into swiping the art work of Leonardo Davinci as part of a plot for globe domination.

The actors provide suitable efficiencies, and also the movie is much better for it. While its ridiculous nature goes a tad also much, the film has fun with it, and also the high quality barely makes it deserving of the worst picture award.

The Love Guru Had Serious Competition

The Love Guru includes Guru Maurice Pitka (Mike Myers) returning to the United States to begin his practice. In doing so, he assists with the romantic issues that plague a star hockey gamer.

This element made it a worthy challenger for Worst Picture, yet there were even worse movies that year. Both films most likely wound up overlooked due to being smaller films.

Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen Wasn’t The Worst Of The Franchise

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen adheres to Sam Witwicky (Shia Labeouf) as he prepares to head off to college and leave his life with the Autobots much behind. However, he gets dragged back in when an old Decepticon increases and looks for retribution while the Autobots work with the government to establish a residence.

Vengeance of the Fallen doubled down on its predecessor’s problems. Nonetheless, their occurrence just began to take the center of the stage in this movie. Contrasted to Transformers: Dark of the Moon and The Last Knight, there were still plenty featuring the titular robots for audiences to delight in.

Cocktail Was Relatively Inoffensive

Cocktail follows Brian Flanagan (Tom Cruise) working as a bartender to spend for university. While being mentored by his employer, Doug Coughlin (Bryan Brown), he succumbs to a musician named Jordan Mooney (Elizabeth Shue).

In spite of being full of poor testimonials on Rotten Tomatoes, the movie’s low quality is rather ordinary. Other than the personalities being unlikeable, Cocktail just has a couple of other points versus it. Cruise ship confessed the flick was not a high point of his occupation, it really felt like the Razzies just selected it due to the fact that he had additionally starred in what the Oscars considered Best Picture that exact same year.

Gigli Could Have Had A Run For Its Money

Gigli entails Larry Gigli (Ben Affleck) getting appointed by a criminal activity employer to kidnap the younger bro of a government district attorney. The criminal offense employer sends another agent called Ricki (Jennifer Lopez) to assist him, as well as both fall in love.

Its acting left something to be desired, and its plot regarding converting a lesbian had poor handling. These aspects would certainly have made it the Worst Picture champion in a landslide had The Room not come out the very same year. The Room was a fascinatingly bad flick on all fronts.

Striptease Didn’t Have Much That Was Noteworthy

Erotic dance involves previous FBI agent Erin Grant (Demi Moore) losing custodianship of her child to her thieving partner. So she relies on work as a professional dancer at a bar to make ends meet. Unfortunately, a congressman takes a preference to her, as well as she ends up in an unsafe circumstance.

The story was all over the map, the funny reduced the movie’s pacing, and also the movie did not match the book’s satire. Nevertheless, it is sometimes funny thanks to the sustaining cast, as well as its plot rather tried to stay near to the resource product. Its poorer aspects, while below average, aren’t as much as Worst Picture criteria, as well as the very same can be claimed for most of the candidates that year.

Howard The Duck Was Merely A Work Of Silliness

1986 saw the initial tie in Razzie history in between Under the Cherry Moon as well as Howard the Duck. The latter (based upon a comics character of the very same name) entails a humanoid duck obtaining sent from his house globe to Earth and also quiting an alien invasion while assisting a female rock celebrity.

Neither film was specifically outstanding. Ergo much like the Razzies’ 2nd tie four years later on, this was baseless.

Rambo: First Blood Part II Was A Typical Action Flick

Rambo: First Blood Part II included John Rambo (Sylvester Stallone) offering his prison sentence. If he aids rescue American prisoners in Vietnam, he’s offered a deal to have his criminal record cleared. When his Vietnamese enthusiast obtains eliminated, Rambo reneges on his promise as well as goes rogue.

Much of First Blood Part II broke what made its precursor so iconic. It all amounts to an average overblown action flick. It does get enjoyable in the last 3rd when Rambo goes for it, but apart from that, for far better or for even worse, it doesn’t have excessive more to offer.

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