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10 Best Anime Heroes Defeated By Teamwork, Ranked

Usually, it’s the heroes’ teamwork that saves the day, but in some collection like Naruto, Pokemon, and Avatar, the villains interacted to win.

Many action and experience anime attribute battles, events, as well as fight sequences throughout which the heroes win via self-discipline and also teamwork. Their relationship bonds and take care of each other help them get over any type of barriers the villains set forth.

This strategy can function for the antagonists simply as well as it does for the heroes. From the Red Lotus’ win over Tenzin to Ash’s loss against Ritchie, team effort beat the heroes.

Warning: The final entry contains major looters for those that have yet to catch up with the Jujutsu Kaisen manga.

The Red Lotus Cornered Tenzin In The Legend Of Korra

When the Air Nomads found themselves at the Red Lotus’ grace in Avatar: The Legend of Korra, Tenzin shopped time for his people to run away. To do so, he had to tackle a difficult goal: fighting the entire Red Lotus at the same time. There was only ever one result for this choice.

Tenzin put up an outstanding fight as well as held off the opponents for a while, but he endured defeat in the end. The Red Lotus had masters of all bending styles.

Avatar: The Last Airbender’s Zuko And Azula Betrayed Iroh

Character: The Last Airbender’s Uncle Iroh was a former Fire Nation general and also a participant of its royal family members. He turned against his homeland following his child’s unforeseen fatality. After encountering the error of his ways, he made a decision to eliminate to maintain the globe’s balance, safeguard the spirits, and also serve the Avatar as a White Lotus member.

He urged Zuko to comply with the very same course, as well as in doing so, he tried to conserve Zuko from the pain of learning the same lessons he did. However, Zuko caught his sister’s manipulations. In the long run, the brother or sister duo switched on Iroh and tossed him in a Fire Nation jail. Though he shed, Iroh conserved the day by assisting Aang and also Katara escape.

The Paths Of Pain Killed Jiraiya In Naruto: Shippuden

Jiraiya was a Toad Sage as well as one of the Legendary Sannin. Also Itachi Uchiha recognized his power and ability, so followers were amazed when he ultimately felt defeat.

Asserting Jiraiya’s loss was at team effort’s hands is only a technicality. In truth, the Paths of Pain were one man, Nagato.

The Hanged Man And The Emperor Destroyed Avdol And Polnareff In Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

In Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Jean-Pierre Polnareff settled to eliminate the human/Stand duo, J. Geil as well as The Hanged Man. He ran into problem when Hol Horse as well as The Emperor showed up. Polnareff was also headstrong to handle The Hanged Man and also The Emperor, and also when Avdol tried to stop him, Hol Horse fired Avdol.

In the end, Polnareff shed as well as had to collect yourself to fight this hostile duo later. The good news is, Avdol’s fatality was a hoax, but this was one of Polnareff’s most embarrassing beats.

Satanic force Slayer’s Gyutaro And Daki Almost Killed Tengen

The Demon Slayer heroes came out on leading by the end of the battle, the battle between Daki, Gyutaro, Uzui Tengen, Tanjiro Kamado, Inosuke Hashibira, Zenitsu Agastuma, and also Nezuko Kamado was touch as well as go for a while.

After they thought they had Daki on the ropes, Gyutaro emerged to secure his satanic force sis. He overruled each of Tanjiro’s allies, and the Sound Hashira, Tengen, was no exemption. Like the remainder of the crew, he dropped at Daki and Gyutaro’s hands. This tragedy was no surprise, as the devil duo rated amongst Demon Slayer’s most effective devil moons.

The League Of Villains Outmaneuvered Aizawa And Took Bakugo In My Hero Academia

The League of Villains abducted My Hero Academia’s Katsuki Bakugo and attempted to convert him to their reason after infiltrating one of U.A.’s training workouts. They discovered a means past Shouta Aizawa (Eraserhead) and also Sekijiro Kan (King Vlad).

The League of Villains has numerous strong members, so it is no surprise they overtook the heroes. Not only did the League of Heroes exceed the pro heroes charged with dealing with the U.A. students, however they also defeated the heroes (both pro as well as in training), escaping with Bakugo. Then, all the heroes felt defeated in some way. The U.A. instructors had a lot to address.

Konohamaru Lost To Ao And Kashin Koji In Boruto

In Boruto, Konohamaru was the Third Hokage’s son, a Jonin, and also a teacher. He had a hard time to maintain his pupils, Boruto Uzumaki, Sarada Uchiha, and Mitsuki, secure on numerous occasions.

Perhaps the worst of these circumstances was Konohamaru’s loss to Ao as well as Kashin Koji, who interacted to surpass this shinobi. Though Ao and Koji really did not always agree, their teamwork sufficed to incapacitate Konohamaru. In the end, Konohamaru’s students needed to step up to home plate. To fans’ dismay, this was one method Konohamaru stopped working as a teacher.

Pokémon’s Ash Lost To Ritchie In The Indigo League

Ash Ketchum may have been the hero of Pokémon, however he was not the winner of the Indigo League. He couldn’t also defeat his friend, Ritchie, who had a similar visual, philosophy, and also team as his very own.

While anime, particularly in the Kodomo (kids) category, commonly sees the hero win their end of the worlds, Ash was not so fortunate. His defeat instructed him about what being a trainer means, but that lesson did not come very easy. In the end, Ritchie and also his Pokémons’ synergy knocked and also won the day Ash out of the competitors.

Fatality Note’s Light Yagami Lost To The Combined Efforts Of L, Near, And Mello

Death Note’s Light Yagami may not be a hero in the conventional feeling, yet he was the hero of his tale. In truth, he profaned, and also the Death Note’s power progressively corrupted him. By the collection’ end, Light was a serial awesome with a god complicated.

In some means, Light Yagami was his very own downfall, but in more actual terms, his loss came at L, Near, and Mello’s hands. While the synergy right here was not adjoining, each of Light’s 3 key opponents contributed essential items to the puzzle.

The Disaster Curses And Geto Captured A Crucial Jujutsu Kaisen Hero

Significant Jujutsu Kaisen manga spoilers ahead! Though Psuedo-Geto’s strategy has yet to unfold in the anime, the manga has followers on the ropes. Geto and the Disaster Curses recognized they couldn’t win against Satoru Gojo, the toughest JJK sorcerer active. Nonetheless, they had a plan to secure him in the prison realm.

Despite the sorcerers’ best shots, Gojo ultimately discovered himself entraped within a powerful artefact that developed an extradimensional jail no sorcerer nor curse could get away. Though he really did not die, Geto removed him from the playing field and also defeated him.

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