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10 Best Anime Characters That Would Do Better In Hunter X Hunter

Seeker x Hunter’s world has imaginative Nen individuals with a crave adventure, and numerous anime characters need to be Hunters.

Seeker x Hunter stands as one of one of the most enjoyable and popular shonen anime collection available, specifically the 2011 version that goes a lot additionally right into the initial manga’s tale. Gon Freecss, is a young traveler who desires for ending up being a Hunter to follow his mystical father Ging’s footsteps. It will not be easy.

Being a Hunter is about greater than fighting styles and even the power of relationship. Licensed Hunters are expected to have survival skills, be self-sufficient, have a crave experience and ultimately, learn how to utilize the Nen fight system. With all that in mind, there are a lot of other anime characters that would certainly succeed in the Hunter x Hunter globe.

Rukia Kuchiki Is Independent & Loves Kido (Bleach).

Bleach is just one of several “monster hunter” anime collection whose characters are used to taking place adventures to find as well as slaughter all type of monsters, as well as in a way, that makes them like Hunters. The small but challenging Rukia Kuchiki, is used to patrolling Karakura Town’s nighttime streets alone to search Hollows.

Rukia can deal with in a team, yet she is much more effective on her own, quickly navigating rough surface to find Hollows as well as dispatch them. She is likewise extremely skilled at utilizing all sort of kido spells, which means she would conveniently comprehend the Nen fight system of Hunter x Hunter’s world.

Sasuke Uchiha Is The New Killua (Naruto).

In lots of means, the renowned Sasuke Uchiha takes after both Kurapika and Killua, having the red eyes of the former and also the household drama and also lightning methods of the latter. Killua resembles a Sasuke that never went bad, and both characters have what it takes to thrive as Hunters.

Like Rukia, Sasuke is an independent-minded, brilliant warrior that can finish any mission anywhere in the globe, which are great high qualities for a qualified Hunter. His brilliant use of jutsu likewise implies he would understand Nen easily as well as even measure up to the Phantom Troupe’s participants eventually.

Shota Aizawa/Eraserhead Works Best Alone (My Hero Academia).

Shota Aizawa, who passes the hero name Eraserhead, is yet another loner who prefers imagination and ingenuity over large power as a result of having the Erasure Quirk. He is almost like Batman, stalking the streets and using smart strategies to catch villains more powerful than he is.

Somebody like that would be a version Hunter, and also Eraserhead would have no trouble determining the inner workings of the Nen battle system. Eraserhead the Hunter is on the instance if anybody requires a prize or criminal pursued down in a city.

Edward Elric’s Alchemy Nen Would Be Incredible (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood).

The brief state alchemist Edward Elric is almost like a Hunter in his very own world. He is a functional and also innovative traveler who has an official state permit to utilize his powers however he sees fit, reasonably, and also he is used to the hardships of the roadway. Is his little sibling, Alphonse.

Edward has the sharp mind of a researcher, and that, incorporated with his fighting styles training, would permit him to end up being a highly skilled Nen individual soon. Keeping that Nen, Edward can hike throughout this wild world and locate treasures for clients or rescue missing individuals.

Levy McGarden Is A Brilliant Wizard (Fairy Tail).

The blue-haired wizard Levy McGarden belongs to the Fairy Tail guild, which guild’s wizards all have experience with discovering the globe for the sake of an offered customer’s goal. In a way, they’re already like Hunters, and also characters like the bookish Levy McGarden would actually flourish in the Hunter x Hunter world.

Levy uses Solid Script magic, indicating she can invoke all type of wonderful results simply by writing in the air. That, and also her versatile, innovative frame of mind would allow Levy to promptly understand Nen on an intuitive degree and also endure the rough wilderness easily. She still might want some bodyguards, however.

Nobara Kugisaki Is A Go-Getter (Jujutsu Kaisen).

Nobara Kugisaki is a clever as well as difficult jujutsu sorcerer that is a part of Yuji and Megumi’s group under the tutelage of Satoru Gojo. Nobara can be a great team player, yet she can also strike it out on her own and also undertake any difficult objective for a client’s purpose.

Not just is Nobara a self-reliant competitor, she is likewise a creative curse user who can utilize her capacities in unexpected methods to take down powerful curses. It’s simple to imagine Nobara finding out offense-oriented Nen and using it to send off bandits and also beasts throughout a trip in the wild.

Joseph Joestar Could Trade Hamon For Nen (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure).

In the Battle Tendency tale arc, personalities such as the crafty Joseph Joestar and also his rival Caesar Zeppeli would like to come to be Hunters. They were both highly rewarded for locating imaginative uses for Hamon from literal food fights to climbing up unsafe columns and defeating the effective Pillar Men. Joseph, specifically.

In the Battle Tendency years, Joseph Joestar was a care free adventurer that was constantly up for a difficulty. He can additionally without effort understand the ways of Nen after mastering Hamon, and placed that Nen to excellent use while searching relics around the Hunter x Hunter globe. If the Phantom Troupe intervenes, it’s time for a tactical hideaway.

Touka Kirishima Doesn’t Mind Operating Alone (Tokyo Ghoul).

The roguish ghoul Touka Kirishima intends to replicate common human life and stay out of problem, unlike her aggressive little sibling Ayato, however Touka is no piece of cake. Far from it– Touka is made use of to the violence and also chaos of the evil spirit globe, and also she can conveniently navigate these bloody streets and also safeguard herself with her ukaku kagune.

Touka, as a superordinary creature with healing powers, would do rather well as a Hunter, specifically if her kagune obtained altered into Nen powers after she moved to the Hunter x Hunter world. She could make it through situations during a quest that would assert any kind of temporal human’s life, as a matter of fact.

Lupin III Is Already A Master Thief (Lupin III).

The well-dressed rogue Lupin III resembles an unofficial Hunter currently, hiking throughout the world to swipe special and also invaluable treasures even if he can. Lupin is a smart, resourceful antihero who can really think on his feet, which maintains him one action ahead of his bane, investigator Zenigata.

Lupin belongs to a small staff of outlaws, and also in the Hunter x Hunter world, they can discover Nen and launch all-new break-ins for a range of customers. Despite how well-hidden or well-guarded a prize is, Lupin will find it and swipe it.

Kenny Ackerman Is A Deadly Rogue (Attack On Titan).

Several characters in Attack on Titan are soldiers, implying they aren’t the best prospects to come to be correct Hunters. An exemption is the rogueish villain Kenny Ackerman, Captain Levi Ackerman’s uncle. Kenny is a daring and also strong outlaw who is utilized to believing on his feet, yet he can also lay mindful plans in advance.

Kenny terrified the primary personalities in Season 3, a crafty and also slippery villain that was one action ahead the whole time. This imaginative, independent attitude is what it takes to come to be a Hunter, as well as Kenny would certainly delight in tackling tasks for unpleasant clients or even hound antiques or wanted hooligans for his very own pleasure.

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